RANKED: The 15 most polarising US presidents, according to political scientists

Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama are among the most polarising presidents in US history, according to nearly 200 political science scholars.

A survey published last month asked 170 current and former members of the American Political Science Association to rank up to five presidents they believed to be the most polarising.

The presidents were then ordered based on the number of times they were identified by respondents as well as their average polarization rank.

It’s worth noting that a majority of the respondents – roughly 57% – identified as Democrats and just 13% were Republicans, so it’s not surprising that Trump was ranked so unfavorably. But even Republicans viewed Trump negatively, according to the survey.

“On average, Republicans view President Trump one full spot less polarising than Democrats,” the survey said.

Obama, on the other hand, was ranked roughly the same by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Here are the most polarising US presidents, according to the ranking:

15: Lyndon B. Johnson

14: John Adams


13: James Buchanan

12: Woodrow Wilson

11: Thomas Jefferson


10: Franklin D. Roosevelt

9: Bill Clinton

8: Ronald Reagan

7: Andrew Johnson


6: Abraham Lincoln


5: Richard Nixon

4: Barack Obama


3: George W. Bush

2: Andrew Jackson

1: Donald Trump