These 5 TV Shows Were Pirated The Most In 2012

game of thrones oathSwear an oath! A scene from Game of Thrones.


Fantasy series “Game of Thrones” was illegally downloaded more than any other TV show in 2012, TorrentFreak reports.TorrentFreak compiled data for the most-downloaded TV shows using a number of sources, including public BitTorrent trackers.

Here are the top five shows and the number of times they were downloaded, according to TorrentFreak:

1) “Game of Thrones,” a fantasy show adapted from George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, was downloaded roughly 4.3 million times.

2) “Dexter,” a show about a likeable serial killer, was downloaded roughly 3.9 million times.

3) “The Big Bang Theory,” a show about two physicists who befriend their pretty neighbour, was downloaded roughly 3.2 million times.

4) “How I Met Your mother,” a sitcom about a hapless architect’s frustrating search for love, was downloaded roughly 2.9 million times.

5) “Breaking Bad,” which chronicles a chemistry teacher-turned-meth-dealer, was downloaded roughly 2.6 million times.

Head over to TorrentFreak to see the other most-pirated shows of 2012 >

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