REPORT: More Than 50% Of Retail Workers Dislike Their Jobs

shopping mall

A new survey from recruiting firm 24 Seven has some pretty dismal numbers on job satisfaction in the retail and fashion industries.

Out of the 1,300 fashion and retail professionals who participated in the survey, less than half (48%) reported being satisfied with their current positions, and 86% said they’re open to making a career move in the next year.

Job satisfaction and loyalty were also low last year.

Stylelist notes that a quickly changing industry could partly be to blame. Celeste Gudas, president of 24 Seven, told Stylelist that e-commerce is creating a “very disruptive time” for the fashion and retail industries, and an ISEM Fashion Business School professor said last year that the industry was in a “crisis” because of uncertainty with global supply chains.

There is good news, though — compensation is on the rise: 77% of those surveyed reported an increase in compensation, with a median increase of 6%. The rise in compensation suggests that something other than money is leading workers to be dissatisfied with their jobs.

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