15 Mediocre Athletes Who Have No Business Being Paid Like Superstars

Mark Sanchez

Photo: Wikimedia

Regardless of whether or not you think athletes are paid too much, we can all agree stars like LeBron James and Tom Brady ought to be paid more than their role-player teammates.But in every sport, there are a handful of average players who are paid like superstars.

Some of them were phenoms who never panned out, and other are mediocre guys who happened to have one aberrational year.

But all of them are now making gobs of money, and you may not even realise it.

NFL: Sam Bradford ($18.4 million) is the second-highest paid player in the NFL

NFL: Mark Sanchez ($13.5 million) makes more money than Eli Manning ($8.5 million)

NFL: We've never even heard of Paul Soliai ($12.4 million) but he's the 10th-highest paid player in the NFL

NFL: Terence Newman ($8 million) makes more money than Jay Cutler and Drew Brees

NBA: Rashard Lewis makes $21 million a year, $5 million more than LeBron James

NBA: Elton Brand ($17 million) makes more money than Kevin Durant

NBA: Antawn Jamison makes $34,571 more than Rudy Gay

NBA: Kwame Brown, one of the most notorious draft busts ever, makes $7 million

MLS: Thierry Henry makes $5 million a year when 19 of his teammates make

MLS: David Beckham ($5.5 million) makes twice as much as LA Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan ($2.3 million)

MLB: Vernon Wells ($26.6 million) makes more money than any NFL player

MLB: Todd Helton makes $275,000 more than Roy Halladay

MLB: Barry Zito ($18.5 million) makes more than the last two NL MVPs combined

MLB: Carlos Zambrano ($18.75 million) makes more than AL MVP Justin Verlander

MLB: John Lackey ($15.9 million) had a 6.30 ERA last year

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