Here Are The Most Downright Bizarre American Festivals

Arm Wrestling

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With a name like Party Earth, it’s no surprise that we love our festivals. After all, any excuse to party can be a good one, especially when lots of people join in and make whatever activity is involved – no matter how outrageous – a completely normal part of the day. Imagine if just one crazed woman in New Orleans ran down Bourbon Street with her shirt off as she rifled shots of tequila and demanded strangers throw beads at her???

Sometimes major festivals begin on a whim. Like when Mrs. Callidora chucked a dinner plate at her husband’s head 3,000 years ago and suddenly we had the Summer Olympics. Or when Prince Ludwig was chilling with the Princess of Bavaria on a sunny October afternoon and was struck with the uncontrollable urge to drink beer for 16 straight days. 

OK, we made that up. But you know what we didn’t make up? The following round-up of ridiculous and very real festivals you probably never heard of. 

The 690-Mile Outdoor Festival, Kentucky/Tennessee/Alabama

Annual Mooning of Amtrak, California

Why it's BARE-ly worth going:

Because just like at nude beaches, people who show up for a mooning festival are usually the last people you'd want to see naked. The event was started in the late 70s at the Mugs Away Saloon, a popular dive bar in the affluent city of Laguna Niguel about an hour south of Los Angeles. It was there that a drunken patron offered anyone a free drink if they mooned the passing Amtrak train, and pretty much every second Saturday in July since, folks have gathered at Mugs Away primed to drop their trousers.

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24-Hour Marriage Marathon, New York

World Freefall Competition, Illinois

Why we're definitely not free, free falling:

Actually, we first thought this looked really cool. With thousands of participants gathering to make tens of thousands of jumps over 10 days -- combined with no short supply of beer on hand -- this August festival held in Illinois had all the makings of an awesome gathering. Then we found out that a lot of guys do naked jumps. One thing we know for sure: a dongle whipping past you at terminal velocity is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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World Wrist-Wrestling Competition, Location Changes Per Competition

Why it's not just in the wrist:

Because not even Sylvester Stallone made arm wrestling look cool. And because we're not twelve. And because someday…we'd like to date again.

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Can't get enough crazy American festivals?

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