21 Unforgettable Images From The Sochi Olympics

Two sisters hold hands on the medal podium, an NBC host appears on TV with shockingly red eyes, a huge piece of machinery malfunctions during the Opening Ceremony.

These are the images that caught the world’s attention during the Winter Olympics.

When taken together, they give you a solid overview of how the Sochi Olympics will be remembered.

The Olympic rings malfunction during the Opening Ceremony.

The Dufour-Lapointe sisters hold hands after winning gold and silver in moguls.

Bob Costas's eye infection spreads to his other eye.

Yuzuru Hanyu and his coach freak out after he set the world record in the short program.

A Canadian coach runs onto the course to give a Russian cross country skier a new ski.

Cross country skiers collapse after winning gold, silver, and bronze.

A reporter photographs the sad state of his unfinished hotel room.

Shaun White's board bends to its limits during a halfpipe crash.

A wild crash leads to a three-way photo finish in ski cross.

Justin Dufour-Lapointe cries a single tear as the Canadian anthem plays.

Ashley Wagner does not agree with her short program score.

Snowboarder Gus Kenworthy adopts all of the stray puppies.

A fan catches some rays amid freakishly hot weather.

15-year-old prodigy Yulia Lipnitskaya bows her head after falling in the short program.

Bode Miller cries after a persistent line of questioning about his dead brother from an NBC reporter.

Members of the punk band Pussy Riot get whipped by a cossack.

A Russian judge gets caught hugging gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova minutes after the highly controversial free skate.

A Norwegian cross country skier celebrates before the finish line, nearly blows a gold medal.

Twerking luger Kate Hansen delights Russian security personnel.

US bobsledder Johnny Quinn busts down his bathroom door.

Russia makes a joke about the ring fail in the Closing Ceremony.

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