Here are the 10 most-liked Instagram posts of 2017


It’s been a big year on Instagram from Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Selena Gomez.

Instagram released its 2017 Year in Review on Wednesday, which highlights the most-liked posts, top hashtags, and most-used filters from the past year.

Of the 10 most-liked posts on the app, Beyoncé, Ronaldo, and Gomez claim all of the top spots between them.

It’s been a big year for twins, too – of the 10 most-liked posts, two contain newborn twins.

Here are the most-liked Instagram posts of the year:

10. Selena Gomez’s birthday post

9. This modelling shot, also from Selena Gomez

8. A family photo from Cristiano Ronaldo

7. A shot of Gomez with her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd

6. A more candid couple snap of Gomez and The Weeknd

5. Ronaldo and his newborn twins

4. Beyoncé and her newborn twins

3. An announcement from Gomez that detailed her health issues and recent kidney transplant

2. Ronaldo and his family in the hospital for the birth of his daughter

1. Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement

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