PRESENTING: The 100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter

Julia Boorstin presentationGetty Images/Rob KimCNBC’s Julia Boorstin

There’s been a lot of talk about how women are underrepresented in the tech world and the voice of tech tends to be more male-centric. Especially when it comes to the Twitter conversation, it can feel a bit XY heavy.

So we decided to put together a list of the female newsmakers in tech, the most influential women that you should be following on Twitter.

With the help of rankings from PeerIndex, we ranked the top most influential female tech tweeters to help you even out your followees.

PeerIndex assigns each user a score of 0-100 by analysing the speed and quantity with which users spot and share their tweets. We’ve included both the overall PI ranking for each tweeter, as well as the specific PI ranking among Twitter users in the tech community.

100. Christina Cacioppo

Occupation: Developer at Nebula Labs

Handle: @christinacaci

Why: This former VC analyst realised coding was where it's at and decided to build cool things on her own. She's currently working on an online education project along with a bunch of other stuff including video messaging app Hoot, Join Startups -- a job board for startups -- and Laisin, a book database.

Tech PI: 64

PI: 65

99. Aliza Sherman

Occupation: Author, Speaker, Founder of Cybergrrl

Handle: @alizasherman

Why: Sherman started the first woman-owned internet company in the early 1990s and tweets not only tech news but also inspirational messages about life in general.

Tech PI: 64

PI: 69

98. Kathleen Fritzsche

Occupation: Cofounder of Accelerate Stuttgar and StartUp Stuttgart

Handle: @kathl_fritzsche

Why: A self-proclaimed startup addict, Fritzsche knows what's up in Germany and the global tech world in general.

Tech PI: 65

PI: 49

97. Sasha Laundy

Occupation: Developer, Founder of Women Who Code

Handle: @SashaLaundy

Why: Laundy knows her coding and reveals some cool new apps, projects, and developing tricks.

Tech PI: 65

PI: 56

96. Jen Consalvo

Occupation: COO of Tech Cocktail; Founder of

Handle: @noreaster

Why: Follow Consalvo to be in the know about cool tech events going on around the country.

Tech PI: 65

PI: 60

94. Lisa Besserman

Occupation: Founder of Startup Buenos Aires

Handle: @lisabesserman

Why: She's got the beat on South American startups and is always suggesting interesting tweeters to follow.

Tech PI: 66

PI: 45

93. Sara Kelly

Occupation: Policy officer for technology for the Greater London Authority

Handle: @MsSaraKelly

Why: Kelly's kind of a big deal in London. She's in charge of making sure tech policy is shipshape and sometimes surveys her followers when creating new policy.

Tech PI: 66

PI: 51

92. Ana Victoria Lagos

Occupation: General Director of Radio Anatonia

Handle: @anatonia

Why: Seems like this tweeter is all about international internet and software stuff. But only worth the follow if you understand Spanish.

Tech PI: 67

PI: 53

91. Nina Faulhaber

Occupation: Early stage tech investor at Index Ventures

Handle: @ninafaulhaber

Why: London-based Faulhaber is all about retweets, posting job openings, and running.

Tech PI: 67

PI: 55

90. Sarah Buhr

Occupation: Tech writer for USA Today

Handle: @sarahbuhr

Why: This witty tweeter will direct you to some of the best tech articles of the day.

Tech PI: 67

PI: 61

89. Megan McCarthy

Occupation: Senior editor at

Handle: @Megan

Why: McCarthy is always chatting with her fellow tech writers about what's going on in the scene.

Tech PI: 67

PI: 69

88. Juliana Rotich

Occupation: Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc., Chair of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development

Handle: @afromusing

Why: This rock star is breathing tech into Africa and pushing for more innovation and entrepreneurship on a global level.

Tech PI: 68

PI: 68

87. Chloe Nicholls

Occupation: Community Manager, IDEALondon

Handle: @ThatGirl_Chloe

Why: Nicholls is passionate about startups, social media, tech, and video, and she lets that shine on Twitter.

Tech PI: 69

PI: 54

86. Judith Hurwitz

Occupation: President and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates

Handle: @jhurwitz

Why: This technology strategist loves live tweeting conferences and offers up helpful words of wisdom on big data and cloud computing.

Tech PI: 69

PI: 61

85. Vanessa Ruiz

Occupation: Multimedia journalist and project manager

Handle: @vanessaruiz

Why: Ruiz is one to follow if you're a Portugese speaker and interested in the state of journalism. For the rest of us you can always follow her English account at @vanessaruiz_.

Tech PI: 69

PI: 64

84. Christine Herron

Occupation: Director with Intel Capital; Venture Advisor at 500 Startups; adviser to StartX

Handle: @christine

Why: Follow Herron for her random musings on all things tech and startups.

Tech PI: 69

PI: 68

83. Liliana Pertenava

Occupation: PR Director for Runa Capital

Handle: @LilianPertenava

Why: She clearly has good taste since she's always retweeting BI stories.

Tech PI: 70

PI: 61

82. Jessi Hempel

Occupation: Tech writer for Fortune Magazine

Handle: @jessiwrites

Why: Hempel helps you decide what tech features are worth the read.

Tech PI: 70

PI: 70

81. Shira Lazar

Occupation: Host and executive producer of What's Trending

Handle: @shiralazar

Why: This entertaining tweeter gets at everything under the sun. Oh and she was named one of Fast Company's 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology.

Tech PI: 70

PI: 80

79. Liz Fleming

Occupation: Deputy Director of Venture Lab at IE Business School

Handle: @LDFleming

Why: She'll introduce you to some really cool tech in Spain.

Tech PI: 73

PI: 57

78. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Occupation: Founder of Good Night Lamp; Interaction designer and product designer

Handle: @iotwatch

Why: This tweeter discusses up and coming hardware, patents, and toys as well as all things design.

Tech PI: 73

PI: 59

77. Eileen Burbidge

Occupation: Early-stage tech VC at Passion Capital

Handle: @eileentso

Why: As is the case with most VCs, Burbidge is in the know when it comes to tech and the startup scene.

Tech PI: 73

PI: 72

76. Whitney Hess

Occupation: User experience coach, writer and speaker

Handle: @whitneyhess

Why: Learn about user experience from an expert.

Tech PI: 73

PI: 74

75. Belinda Parmar

Occupation: CEO of Lady Geek; Author of The Empathy Era & Little Miss Geek

Handle: @belindaparmar

Why: She tweets a lot about how tech brands reach their audiences and is an advocate for women to get more involved in STEM.

Tech PI: 74

PI: 68

74. Brenda Romero

Occupation: Game designer and program director at UC Santa Cruz Games & Playable Media MS

Handle: @br

Why: Romero is a must-follow for all gamers.

Tech PI: 74

PI: 73

73. Eve Adams

Occupation: Senior talent acquisition expert at Halock Security Labs

Handle: @HackerHuntress

Why: Follow Adams if you're looking for a job in security and tech.

Tech PI: 76

PI: 65

72. Shira Ovide

Occupation: Wall Street Journal technology reporter

Handle: @ShiraOvide

Why: Ovide gets the intersection of tech and finance. Follow her for a better understanding of the market.

Tech PI: 76

PI: 68

71. Reshma Saujani

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code

Occupation: Founder/CEO of Girls Who Code

Handle: @reshmasaujani

Why: This super star is inspiring more women to code, one tweet at a time.

Tech PI: 76

PI: 72

70. Lauren O'Neil

Occupation: Journalist at CBC News

Handle: @laurenonizzle

Why: This quirky tweeter posts a lot of random stories with some occasional references to tech.

Tech PI: 76

PI: 73

69. Ophelia Pastrana

Occupation: CFO at Kraken Comunicación

Handle: @OphCourse

Why: Another Spanish tweeter for ya. She's all about digital culture and technology adoption.

Tech PI: 76

PI: 76

68. Tess Rinearson

Occupation: Software engineer at Medium

Handle: @_tessr

Why: Rinearson tweets witty comments on the tech world in general and blogging more specifically.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 57

67. Andrea Peterson

Occupation: Tech reporter for The Washington Post

Handle: @kansasalps

Why: Follow Peterson for her WashPost links and some live tweeting at interesting conferences and talks.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 59

66. Mary McKenna

Occupation: CEO of Task Squad; Cofounder of Learning Pool

Handle: @MMaryMcKenna

Why: McKenna is all startup speak, and she's got the beat from the other side of the pond.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 61

65. Laura June

Occupation: Senior Features Editor at The Verge

Handle: @laura_june

Why: This kooky tweeter discusses everything from Zelda to the internet to being a mum.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 69

63. Julia Boorstin

Occupation: Journalist at CNBC

Handle: @JBoorstin

Why: Boorstin is a great retweeter and adds some interesting commentary on the big issues in tech.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 71

62. Hermione Way

Occupation: Founder of and Techfluff.TV; Video correspondent for The Next Web

Handle: @hermioneway

Why: This tweeter covers everything about startups and tech, including her own creative projects.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 72

61. Melissa Fach

Occupation: Owner of SEO Aware; Associate on the community team at Moz

Handle: @SEOAware

Why: Follow Fach to learn about SEO and advertising.

Tech PI: 77

PI: 74

60. Vanesa Kolodziej

Occupation: Founder/Partner at Nazca Ventures

Handle: @Vanesak

Why: Kolodziej is another Spanish tweeter who occasionally writes in English especially when commenting on American tech companies.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 63

59. Tiffani Ashley Bell

Occupation: CEO of Pencil You In

Handle: @tiffani

Why: Bell has some great retweets along with a fresh voice on minorities in tech.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 63

58. Iris Classon

Occupation: UX Developer at IdentityMine

Handle: @IrisClasson

Why: This energetic tweeter is all about coding. Look out for her tips of the day!

Tech PI: 78

PI: 64

57. Jeanne M Sullivan

Occupation: Special Advisor and Cofounder at StarVest Partners

Handle: @gianna212

Why: With 28 years in the technology sector under her belt, Sullivan is one to listen to.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 67

56. Pamela Fox

Occupation: Working on the CS curriculum for Kahn Academy

Handle: @pamelafox

Why: Along with entertaining and random musings, Fox shares lots of good insight on coding.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 72

55. Katie Boehret

Occupation: Deputy reviews editor and senior reviewer at Re/code

Handle: @kabster728

Why: Boehret directs you to some great stories, not only from Re/Code but from around the rest of the internet too.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 75

54. Gabriella Coleman

Occupation: Professor at McGill University; Author of 'Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking'

Handle: @BiellaColeman

Why: This prof tweets about hacking and the dark side of coding.

Tech PI: 78

PI: 78

53. Gina Minks

Occupation: Product marketing manager at Dell AppAssure

Handle: @gminks

Why: Minks tweets a lot of Dell and complex coding stuff, but she also mixes in some lighter marketing tidbits.

Tech PI: 79

PI: 64

52. Jemima Kiss

Occupation: Head of technology at the Guardian

Handle: @jemimakiss

Why: She mainly uses Twitter to crowdsource for the Guardian, but follow her and you'll be ahead of the news.

Tech PI: 79

PI: 73

51. Jean Parks

Occupation: Runs The ShoppinQueen

Handle: @geekbabe

Why: Parks has her eye on new devices and apps that will improve the lives of parents and children.

Tech PI: 79

PI: 75

49. Martha Lane Fox

Occupation: Chair of Go On UK; Cofounder of

Handle: @Marthalanefox

Why: Fox has got some great retweets and awesome pictures of her travels.

Tech PI: 79

PI: 77

48. Rachel S. Haot

Occupation: Chief digital officer and deputy secretary for tech for Governor Cuomo

Handle: @rachelhaot

Why: Follow Haot to be in the know about the tech scene in New York.

Tech PI: 79

PI: 79

47. Catherine Bracy

Occupation: Director of Community Organising at Code for America

Handle: @cbracy

Why: Bracy is always conversing with other big techies and she has a refreshing and funny take on a lot of the issues.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 64

46. Runa A. Sandvik

Occupation: Staff technologist at Center for Democracy & Technology

Handle: @runasand

Why: This tweeter asks some great questions about the tech world, often poking into issues like security and legality.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 65

45. Annette Franz

Occupation: Director of customer experience management strategy at Confirmit

Handle: @runasand

Why: Franz will teach you a lot about employee empowerment and customer experience.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 65

44. Julie Lerman

Occupation: Author of 'Programming Entity Framework' book series; Runs Vermont.NET User Group

Handle: @julielerman

Why: This coding veteran knows a lot about Microsoft and programming.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 71

43. Sara Chipps

Occupation: CTO of Flatiron School

Handle: @SaraJChipps

Why: The witty Chipps tweets about the random stuff of life, with some coding, UI, and girl power thrown in there.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 76

42. Caroline McCarthy

Occupation: VP of communications for true(x) media

Handle: @caro

Why: McCarthy is a frequent tweeter who sometimes hits on tech subjects, especially when live tweeting from conferences.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 77

41. Jessica Lessin

Occupation: Founder/editor-in-chief of The Information

Handle: @Jessicalessin

Why: Lessin will direct you to lots of great material from The Information along with some live tweeting of big talks and events.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 78

40. Jenna Wortham

Occupation: New York Times technology reporter

Handle: @jennydeluxe

Why: This tweeter talks tech, social media, and the stuff of life while directing you to interesting Times links.

Tech PI: 80

PI: 87

38. Nitasha Tiku

Occupation: Coeditor of Valleywag

Handle: @nitashatiku

Why: This tweeter will give you a fresh and witty take on the tech world while conversing with all her tech journalist buddies.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 67

37. Stacey Higginbotham

Occupation: Writer for GigaOM

Handle: @gigastacey

Why: Follow Higginbotham for some good GigaOM links and some articles from other publications as well.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 70

36. Courtney Boyd Myers

Occupation: Founder of and tech writer

Handle: @CBM

Why: This tweeter talks apps, startups, and being an entrepreneur.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 70

35. Sue Black

Occupation: Founder/CEO Savvify; Senior associate at Lucy Cavendish College

Handle: @Dr_Black

Why: Black left school at 16 and after marriage, three kids and a divorce went back to school to learn computer science when she was 20. Now she leads the #techmums movement.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 73

34. Danah Boyd

Occupation: Principal researcher at Microsoft Research; Research assistant professor at New York University

Handle: @zephoria

Why: Boyd can teach you a lot about big data and the digital world.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 81

33. Cindy Gallop

Occupation: Founder of MakeLoveNotPorn and IfWeRanTheWorld; Consultant and coach

Handle: @cindygallop

Why: This quirky tweeter has a unique take on lots of stuff in tech and life in general.

Tech PI: 81

PI: 81

32. Selena Larson

Occupation: Journalist at ReadWrite

Handle: @selenalarson

Why: Larson is always giving her two cents on the hottest thing in tech whether it's Snapchat or the Beats acquisition.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 64

31. Mary Branscombe

Occupation: Freelance technology journalist and editor

Handle: @marypcbuk

Why: This tweeter knows a lot about tech and hardware, and she's not afraid to share her opinion.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 66

30. Amy Hoy

Occupation: Creator of Freckle; Runs 30×500 bootcamp

Handle: @amyhoy

Why: Hoy brings a sarcastic take to the tech world along with her random, quirky musings.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 74

29. Kelly Sommers

Occupation: Software developer; DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra; Windows Azure MVP

Handle: @kellabyte

Why: Sommers is super smart and mixes in complicated comments on coding with some lighter inspirational tweets.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 75

28. Ory Okolloh

Occupation: Director of investments at Omidyar Network; Cofounder of Ushahidi and Mzalendo

Handle: @kenyanpundit

Why: Okolloh tweets about what's going on in Africa when it comes to politics, tech, and news in general.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 80

27. Gina Trapani

Occupation: Cofounder of ThinkUp; Founder of Lifehacker

Handle: @ginatrapani

Why: Trapani tweets some useful life hacks along with motivational quotes and phrases.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 85

26. Beth Kanter

Occupation: Author of Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media; Consultant

Handle: @kanter

Why: Named by Fast Company Magazine as one of the most influential women in technology and one of Business Week's 'Voices of Innovation for Social Media,' Kanter is a valuable follow.

Tech PI: 82

PI: 88

25. Carla Gentry

Occupation: Data Scientist at Analytical Solution

Handle: @data_nerd

Why: Follow Gentry for insights on data and digital marketing.

Tech PI: 83

PI: 67

24. Kelly Hoey

Occupation: CMO of Cuurio

Handle: @jkhoey

Why: This tweeter is all about mobile, entrepreneurship, and women in tech.

Tech PI: 83

PI: 70

23. Danielle Morrill

Occupation: CEO of Mattermark

Handle: @DanielleMorrill

Why: Morrill likes to talk about tech IPOs, startups, and investments, and she has a lot of smart stuff to say.

Tech PI: 83

PI: 71

22. Ashe Dryden

Occupation: Programmer; Consultant

Handle: @ashedryden

Why: This tweeter calls out the sexism in tech and works toward greater diversity.

Tech PI: 83

PI: 76

21. Terri Nakamura

Occupation: Graphic designer

Handle: @terrinakamura

Why: Nakamura will point you to great articles about blogging, social media, and attracting an audience

Tech PI: 83

PI: 83

20. Randi Zuckerberg

Occupation: Founder/CEO of Zuckerberg Media

Handle: @randizuckerberg

Why: When Mark's big sis isn't tweeting about Broadway musicals, she'll offer up some interesting insight on tech and life in general.

Tech PI: 83

PI: 83

19. Kashmir Hill

Occupation: Forbes writer

Handle: @kashhill

Why: Follow Hill to see what life is like when you can only pay with Bitcoin.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 72

18. Hilary Mason

Occupation: Data Scientist in Residence at Accel; Scientist Emeritus at bitly; Cofounder of HackNY

Handle: @hmason

Why: Hilary is a big tech tweeter who loves to talk about coding, hacking, and software.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 77

17. Zeynep Tufekci

Occupation: Assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with her own tech site at

Handle: @zeynep

Why: Catch Zeynep's musings on everything ranging from international web policies to social justice.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 77

16. Karen L. Nyberg

Occupation: NASA astronaut

Handle: @AstroKarenN

Why: Nyberg has been to outer space and will tell you all about it.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 78

15. Amy Vernon

Occupation: Journalist; speaker

Handle: @AmyVernon

Why: Vernon is a great retweeter and is on top of the social media and journalism beats.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 80

14. Ina Fried

Occupation: Senior editor at Re/code

Handle: @inafried

Why: Follow Fried to keep up with what's going on in mobile.

Tech PI: 84

PI: 80

13. Evelyn Rusli

Occupation: Tech reporter for Wall Street Journal

Handle: @EvelynRusli

Why: Rusli has a fun, casual look at the industry and gives you the scoop on acquisitions.

Tech PI: 85

PI: 76

12. Xeni Jardin

Occupation: Founding partner and co-editor of Boing Boing; founding board member of Freedom of the Press Foundation

Handle: @xeni

Why: This tweeter sends out beautiful photos and inspirational quotes with some news mixed in.

Tech PI: 85

PI: 85

11. Kathy Sierra

Occupation: Web developer, author and blogger

Handle: @seriouspony

Why: She gets user experience. Nuff said.

Tech PI: 86

PI: 68

10. Emily Chang

Occupation: Host of 'Bloomberg West'

Handle: @emilychangtv

Why: Stay up to date with Bloomberg's coverage of the big guys in tech.

Tech PI: 86

PI: 78

9. Neelie Kroes

Occupation: Vice president of the European Commission leading the Digital Agenda

Handle: @NeelieKroesEU

Why: She's in charge of digital stuff for the EU!

Tech PI: 86

PI: 82

7. Alexia Tsotsis

Occupation: Co-Editor at TechCrunch

Handle: @alexia

Why: Her clever comments pair nicely with interesting retweets on all things tech related.

Tech PI: 87

PI: 83

6. Brooke Hammerling

Occupation: Founder of Brew Media Relations

Handle: @brooke

Why: Hammerling covers a melting pot of random topics, but she seems to know everyone in tech.

Tech PI: 88

PI: 75

5. Joanna Stern

Occupation: Wall Street Journal Personal Technology Columnist

Handle: @joannastern

Why: Joanna's got consumer electronics explained -- everything from Cortana to HTC One to tablets.

Tech PI: 88

PI: 78

4. Marissa Mayer

Occupation: President/CEO of Yahoo

Handle: @marissamayer

Why: Marissa will definitely not flood your Twitter feed, but she will reveal some important Yahoo news when she does decide to tweet.

Tech PI: 88

PI: 89

3. Mary Jo Foley

Occupation: Tech reporter for ZDNet

Handle: @maryjofoley

Why: Learn about all things Microsoft related.

Tech PI: 89

PI: 81

2. Arianna Huffington

Occupation: Chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group

Handle: @ariannahuff

Why: For general words of wisdom on issues of health, gender equality, and some occasional tech.

Tech PI: 90

PI: 92

1. Kara Swisher

Occupation: Re/code Co-Executive Editor

Handle: @karaswisher

Why: For lots and lots of tech thoughts and links. She is always breaking news.

Tech PI: 91

PI: 92

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