The 10 most important things in the world right now

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know on Wednesday.

1. Russia is hosting a UN Security Council meeting on fighting terrorism, a theme dominating much of this week’s global gathering in New York.

2. Germany has beefed up its restrictions against refugees after its previous open-door policy caused clashes with other EU members.

3. President Abe of Japan has reaffirmed the country’s decision not to accept any Syrian refugees, saying Japan must solve its own problems first.

4. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to build a £25 million jail in Jamaica for foreign criminals in the UK.

5. The US state of Georgia has executed its first woman in more than 70 years despite last-minute appeals from the Pope.

6. President Obama has said Syria’s Assad must go if ISIS it to be defeated, following a clash with President Putin over how to handle the situation.

7. Zimbabwe has doubled down on its anti-gay stance, saying it will not introduce “new rights” for gay people.

8. Ralph Lauren is stepping down as CEO of his namesake company.

9. Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who refused to serve a marriage licence to a gay couple, is said to have met with the Pope during his visit to the US.

10. Tesla has launched the first of its Model X series of cars, the company’s first SUV.

And finally …

The UK’s first womb transplants are set to take place next year, as 10 women will be used in a trial following the success of the procedure in Sweden.

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