The 10 Most Hospitable Cities In America

When you’re travelling, hospitable locals can make you feel welcome with a simple gesture like a home-cooked meal or some good advice.

Apartment rental site Airbnb found the 10 most hospitable cities in the U.S.

To compile this list, they looked at over a million user reviews, which evaluated hosts in different cities for cleanliness, check-in, communication, value, and accuracy.

Tampa, FL, took the number one spot on the list, proving that southern hospitality still reigns. Other southern cities made the list, including Nashville and Raleigh, but several cities in the American west also proved to be hospitable. Perhaps not surprisingly, no large cities in the northeast made the list.

#10 Lake Tahoe, California

#9 Tucson, Arizona

#8 Nashville, Tennessee

#7 Madison, Wisconsin

#6 Memphis, Tennessee

#5 Raleigh, North Carolina

#4 Bend, Oregon

#3 Eugene, Oregon

#2 Mendocino, California

#1 Tampa, Florida

We're starting to notice a regional trend

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