The 10 most high-tech sedans you can buy

TeslaTesla’s Autopilot feature makes its Model S one of the most impressive high-tech sedans on the market.

  • We’re nearing a tech revolution in the auto industry, as car companies make significant investments in electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • While self-driving technology is a work in progress, car companies are including impressive tech features in their latest sedans.
  • These features include advanced autopilot modes, massage chairs, and apps that can start the car remotely.

As we move closer to a world of electric and autonomous vehicles, car companies are racing to introduce the most compelling tech features in their cars.

While self-driving technology is still a work in progress, automakers are improving the level of technology available to drivers today. Some of our favourite sedans have features that make the driving experience easier than ever, like autopilot modes that can control the car on the highway, massage chairs, and apps that can start the car remotely.

These are the most high-tech sedans on the market:

1. Inside the BMW 7 Series’ powerful exterior, its interior provides a killer combination of comfort and high-tech features that can make long road trips pass by in an instant.

One of the sedan’s most interesting features is subtle — a pair of roof windows that offer LED ambiance lighting to make driving less stressful.

Passengers might have the best deal, as they can use the standard, in-car Wi-Fi that allows you to stream Netflix or other video content on 10” screens perched on the back of the front seats.

A removable touch-screen tablet gives you control over the car’s interior features, from temperature and seat position to GPS and the 16 surround-sound speakers made by Bowers & Wilkins.

2. Advanced autopilot features are one of the main selling points for the Tesla Model S, despite their $US5,000 cost.


On highways, the Model S can change lanes, regulate its speed, move between freeways, and take exits by itself.


And the autopilot features don’t just work on straightaways. They can also handle roads with curves and other complicated shapes.


An enormous 17-inch touchscreen makes it easy to map out directions, control the music, or search for restaurants and other possible destinations.


3. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a futuristic look with LED-lights in the interior and a massive sky roof.


The car can also be built for maximum comfort, with the option to purchase seats with massage functions and a fragrance atomizer that comes standard with every model and can emit five different aromas.

Many of the car’s interior functions can be controlled with a Mercedes app. Before you get in the car, you can set the temperature and start the car remotely.

The S-Class also has impressive safety features. It can assist with braking depending on how close the car is to other cars or objects, alert you if it senses you’re distracted or too tired to drive, and make sure you don’t drift out of your lane.


4. Audi’s A8 prioritises comfort and convenience for the driver and passenger with features that make uncomfortable situations less stressful.

Drivers have access to Audi’s new “virtual cockpit,” a digital interface that can replace the instrument display with a 3-D GPS map so you don’t have to turn your head when you want directions. For interior controls, a touchpad next to the gear shift lets you either type or write commands with your finger.

The A8 makes it easier to relax in bumper-to-bumper traffic with a driving assistance system that can stop, start, and steer the car without your assistance while moving up to 37.3 mph. And the car can also park without driver assistance.

Passengers have an even more luxurious set up. The back of the front right seat has a foot massager that a passenger in the rear right seat can pair with a massage function in the back right seat to unwind.

5. The Cadillac CT6 keeps its eye on the details, giving drivers and passengers a host of subtle features to fine-tune the driving and riding experiences.

For drivers, the car has been designed so that it doesn’t lurch forward or backward once you stop pressing own on the brake. This can prevent your foot and ankle from getting sore in heavy traffic.

The dashboard allows you to connect your phone and its features. For example, you can compose and send texts verbally, instead of having to use your hands. A touchpad also adjust to your handwriting so you can write out commands without looking at the screen.

One less subtle feature is an advanced cruise-control system that can drive itself on the highway.

Passengers can stream content from their phones on a pair of 10-inch HD screens attached to the back of the front headrests.

6. Acura’s RLX Sport Hybrid has a number of smart features that minimise disruptions and discomfort.

One of the most notable features is a digital display on the front window that shows your speed and can give warnings about the vehicle when necessary.

The climate-control system uses GPS technology to adjust the car’s temperature based on weather conditions outside and the angle at which the sun is shining on the car.

The car also helps make up for your blind spots by alerting you when you signal to move into a new lane if a car is close enough to create the potential for a collision.

7. Our 2017 Car of the Year, the Porsche Panamera combines first-class performance and features.

Hollis Johnson

Like many of the cars on this list, the Panamera makes controlling the car’s interior settings easier for the driver by using touchscreens and other touch-responsive surfaces instead of knobs or buttons. And the main touchscreen lets you search for the news, gas prices, nearby events, and go on Twitter.

Hollis Johnson

The car’s cruise control system can automatically set the car at its optimal speed by observing the cars around it.

Hollis Johnson

8. The Volvo S90 T8 Inscription pairs a powerful engine and tech features that make the car attractive to any kind of customer.

For tricky parking spaces, the car can use a camera with 360-degree range to give you a bird’s-eye perspective.

The car can also recognise when you have the key in your pocket, so it can automatically unlock the front and back doors as well as the trunk.

If you use Volvo’s “On Call” app, you can set the temperature before you get in the car, log your distance driven on any trip, and call for help if the car breaks down.

9. The Lincoln Continental is designed to meet a standard of “quiet luxury,” a goal that the car works toward in a number of obvious and subtle ways.

The first is noise control technology that can eliminate excess noise from the car’s interior.

A camera with 360-degree range and digital window display allow you to stay attuned to your surroundings without becoming distracted.

10. The Subaru Legacy keeps you safe and comfortable with its tech and driving features.

Drivers benefit from technology that observes the traffic around the car, letting you know when you veer out of your lane and helping you come to a full stop quickly to avoid an accident.

Inside the car, you can access a number of entertainment options and information with the car’s digital dashboard, which includes Apple CarPlay, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

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