The 12 most-hated YouTube videos of all time, from Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ to the ‘Baby Shark’ song

  • YouTube is home to billions of music videos, comedy skits, makeup tutorials, sports highlights, and virtually anything for your immediate entertainment.
  • But some of these videos are hated more than others: YouTube’s own annual Rewind video from 2018 holds the title for the most-disliked video on the platform.
  • In an effort to understand what makes audiences band together to dislike a video, we took a look at the 12 most-hated YouTube videos, based on the number of dislikes.
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While Facebook users have been begging the platform for a dislike button for years, YouTube is one of the few social companies who have a button for the audience to easily show its displeasure.

Each video posted on YouTube comes with both a thumbs-up button and thumbs-down button for viewers to share their opinion in just one click. In some cases, users have harnessed the thumbs-down vote to flood its most-hated videos with millions of negative reactions, which have even overtaken the amount of thumbs-up votes in some cases.

A new king of most-disliked YouTube was crowned in December: YouTube itself, whose end-of-the-year Rewind video garnered widespread criticism and 16 million dislikes. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” featuring Ludacris, the former first-place title holder, was kicked to second.

So what makes a video so hated to begin with? What makes millions of YouTube viewers join forces and collectively bash a song or video they watch? Let’s take a look at the most-downvoted YouTube videos of all time, ranked by the number of “dislike” votes:

12. The “Johny Johny Yes Papa” nursery rhyme.


Number of dislikes: 2.7 million

Dislike percentage (of likes and dislikes combined): 35.6%

Number of views: 2.1 billion

These four words – Johny Johny Yes Papa – took meme-centre-stage in August 2018. A viral tweet linked to an animated video showing a child getting caught eating sweets by his father – set to the lyrics of an old nursery rhyme called “Johny Johny Yes Papa.” The video, complete with Gangnam Style- and Beyonce-like dance moves, sent the internet into a frenzy over the many animated YouTube videos set to this one childhood ditty.

Although the original video that went viral has since been scrubbed from the internet, animations set to “Johny Johny Yes Papa” have been created by a number of kid-centric YouTube channels, including the video created by LooLoo Kids that holds the No. 12 spot on this most-disliked list. It’s not clear why this rendition, posted back in 2016, was subjected to so many thumbs-down reactions in particular.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

11. The “How It Is (Wap Bap …)” music video.


Number of dislikes: 3 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 85.2%

Number of views: 59 million

German beauty YouTuber Bianca Heinicke – better known as Bibi’s Beauty Palace – uploaded the music video for her debut single in May 2017. Viewers, as well as German music critics, quickly derided the lyrics – with lines like “I’m up and down, I feel so fat” – as rudimentary and silly. The chorus of the bubbly song is a bunch of non-sensical sounds put together over and over: “Wap-bap, ba-da-di-da-da.”

However, Heinicke has called the song an “unexpected success,” despite the negative reactions.

“It is very easy to spread your negative opinion on the internet,” Heinicke told Metro UK. “You can’t expect everyone to like the things you do or the music you like.”

Watch the video here on YouTube..

10. James Charles’ since-deleted response video to YouTuber Tati Westbrook.

YouTuber James Charles. James Charles/YouTube

Number of dislikes (when deleted): 3.2 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes (when deleted):80.9%

Number of views: Unknown

One of the biggest scandals in the YouTube community this year was the feud between popular makeup YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook. Westbrook posted a video titled “Bye Sister” on May 10 about the end of her friendship with Charles, who she accused of being a “bad role model” and “manipulating someone’s sexuality.”

Just hours later, Charles posted a video in response to Westbrook where he apologised for his past behaviour. But Charles faced lots of backlash, and hemorrhaged millions of subscribers. He deleted the response video days later, but after it had already garnered 3.2 million thumbs-down votes.

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9. The 17th episode of Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear.”


Number of dislikes: 3.5 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 35.4%

Number of views: 4.1 billion

It’s not entirely clear why this video is not only one of the most-disliked videos on YouTube, but also one of the most-viewed videos on the entire platform, alongside popular music videos from Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. The seven-minute long video, uploaded in 2012, is the 17th episode of “Masha and The Bear,” a Russian children’s cartoon series centered around the antics of a girl and her fatherly figure, a retired circus bear.

From the comments on the YouTube video and Reddit threads, it seems a lot of the backlash – and likely, lots of the dislikes – are from users who are confused (and often furious) over why the video has so many billions of views.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

8. Rebecca Black’s “Friday”


Number of dislikes: 3.5 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 77.8%

Number of views: 136.3 million

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” quickly became the song of the year when it debuted in September 2011, whether it was because you loved it, hated it, or just couldn’t get its lyrics out of your head. The video was widely mocked and parodied, and was even dubbed “the worst video of all time.”

“One minute, I was a normal girl and then, in the next, millions of people know who I was and they were ruthless in hurling the most vile words my way,” Black, who was 13 at the time, wrote for NBC News in 2017. Since then, the now 22-year-old has released more music.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

7. The viral “Baby Shark” song-and-dance video.


Number of dislikes: 3.8 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 27.5%

Number of views: 3.5 billion

The children’s bop “Baby Shark” exploded in popularity earlier this year so drastically that it made Billboard’s Top 40, but the song isn’t all that new. Korean educational brand Pinkfong! is responsible for producing the banger, which it introduced to the YouTube world in June 2016 alongside its accompanied dance moves.

People may be split on their opinions of “Baby Shark,” but the song became a viral meme that spread across the internet in the last year, according to Google Trends.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

6. Official “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” Reveal Trailer


Number of dislikes: 3.8 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 86.3%

Number of views: 43.0 million

The introduction of the newest “Call of Duty” franchise in 2016, called “Infinite Warfare,” wasn’t nearly as successful as the game’s mega-hits like “Black Ops” and “Modern Warfare.”

Even though the trailer is pretty sub-par, that’s not why this game trailer entered the ranks of most-disliked YouTube videos. “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” was released around the same time as another first-person shooter game called “Battefield 1,” whose loyal fans quickly got to work liking the trailer for their game and disliking the trailer for the competing “Infinite Warfare.” The campaign was wildly successful, as the trailer still sits among the most-hated videos on YouTube.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

5. The song of 2017, “Despacito.”

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in ‘Despacito.’ YouTube

Number of dislikes: 4.2 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 11%

Number of views: 6.5 billion

If you were around in the summer of 2017 (or alive now), you may be able to understand why this video has 6.5 billion views. It played on nearly every speaker – from clubs to cabs and restaurants to bridal showers … over and over and over again, and has since become the most-viewed video on YouTube. Of course, with so many views, the video has also accrued millions of comments and dislikes from people who weren’t as big fans of the viral song.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

4. PewDiePie’s challenge to get 1 million dislikes


Number of dislikes: 4.3 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 93.9%

Number of views: 18.3 million

PewDiePie, the most-followed solo YouTuber, has a loyal fanbase, which was on display when he dared his followers to give his video 1 million dislikes. Viewers surpassed the goal: The video, from December 2016, now has 4.3 million dislikes.

The video starts with PewDiePie on the phone (for well over a minute), continues with him drinking a bottle of vodka, and then proceeding to ride an orange octopus through a neighbourhood while shirtless. In other words, a typical PewDiePie video.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

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3. Jake Paul’s single, “It’s Everyday Bro.”


Number of dislikes: 4.4 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 61.1%

Number of views: 252.1 million

Ex-Vine star Jake Paul has never been one to shy away from controversy, and he went all-in on the drama when he dropped this diss track in May 2017. The song featured his band of influencers called Team 10, took aim at his ex-girlfriend, YouTuber Alissa Violet, and boasted that Paul was so popular he would soon pass PewDiePie’s subscriber count.

As expected, the song created a ton of drama in the YouTube community, and spurred many response and reaction videos from involved parties.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

2. “Baby,” one of Justin Bieber’s first viral songs.

Justin Bieber in ‘Baby’ featuring Ludacris. Justin Bieber/YouTube

Number of dislikes: 10 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 45.5%

Number of views: 2.1 billion

Justin Bieber got his start thanks to his early videos posted on YouTube, but the platform wasn’t as kind to him when it came to one of his first viral hits, “Baby.”

In this 8-year-old video, which has over 2.1 billion views, Bieber doesn’t quite have the dance moves he has now, but his signature floppy hairstyle from the early days is on full display.

Watch the video here on YouTube.

1. “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls the Rewind.”

Will Smith in ‘YouTube Rewind 2018.’ YouTube

Number of dislikes: 16 million

Percentage of dislikes vs. likes: 86%

Number of views: 180.7 million

“YouTube Rewind” features hundreds of its biggest stars and celebrities, though people criticised the video, and YouTube itself, for not including some creators who experienced strings of controversy. Vlogging duo and brothers Logan and Jake Paul were excluded, as was Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg, the most-followed individual on all of YouTube.

The video appears to be an attempt for the company to keep advertisers on its side following a rather rocky 2018. However, the attempt, as previously reported by Business Insider, shows “a clear schism between the expectations and reality of YouTube.”

After it was released in December, the video soon became the most-disliked and fastest-disliked video in the site’s history.

Watch the video here on YouTube.