The 25 Most Famous Women To Appear On Playboy's Cover

playboy marilyn monroe


Marilyn Monroe was the first Playboy cover model in 1953.

Some actresses fight to get on the cover of Playboy. Others, like Jessica Alba, take legal action to avoid appearing in its pages.Only rarely, however, does a Playboy cover appearance hurt an actresses’ career.

Since Hugh Hefner published the first American edition of the magazine in 1953, hundreds of stars have been on the cover.

Some of the names are unsurprising (Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith), others like Barbara Streisand came as more of a surprise.

Marilyn Monroe was famously the first model on Playboy’s cover and probably the single most famous woman to appear in the magazine. But she didn’t appear in it the most.

This gallery ranks actresses by number of cover appearances over time, including international editions. 

But some of these women were late bloomers ...

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