The most famous deli in every state

New York’s Katz’s Deli might be the most famous deli in the world. Brad Barket/Getty Images
  • Every state has a deli that everyone knows about.
  • Some famous delis are known for their sandwiches, like New Jersey’s White House Subs with their submarines or North Carolina’s Neal’s Deli with their pastrami biscuits.
  • Other famous delis reached notoriety because they were featured on national television, like Colorado’s The Bagel Deli and Delaware’s Maiale Deli.
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Just like there are famous restaurants all over the country, there are legendary delis in each state that every local knows about.

Some delis are famous for the food they serve, while others are famous for appearing on television or being considered the best in town.

Keep reading to find out what the most well-known deli is in your state.

Alabama’s Chappy’s Deli is famous for its mixture of New York flavour and Southern charm.

Sandwich at Chappy’s Deli. Miranda L./ Yelp

Chappy’s Deli has multiple locations throughout the state, each serving New York favourites like a NY pastrami and Swiss sandwich.

“This is a Montgomery institution, and it has maintained the same level of good solid food at a great price,” Yelp user Steven D. said.

Alaska’s Mo’s Deli is famous for being an authentic Jewish deli.

A pastrami sandwich at Mo’s Deli. Kendall N./ Yelp

Mo’s Deli in Anchorage serves traditional Jewish deli favourites like matzo ball soup, chopped liver, pastrami, and brisket.

“This is Mo’s! It has a New York deli feel but subtract the huge lines,” Yelp user Steven G said.

Arizona’s Chompie’s has famous “Jewish Sliders” that were featured on the Travel Channel.

Matzot ball soup from Chompie’s. Paige D./Yelp

Chompie’s multiple locations in Arizona have dubbed themselves “America’s New York Deli.” But the establishment really made a name for itself when its “Jewish Sliders” were highlighted on Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food.”

“Holy mother of Jesus of Nazareth! This place is ridiculously good,” Yelp user Ricardo Z. said. “I ordered the lux bagel sandwich, and from the moment I took my first bite I was transported to the heavenly realms of cheap food.”

Arkansas’ Mikey’s Smoked Meats and Deli is famous for its, well, smoked meats.

Mikey’s Smoked Meats and Deli. Mike E./ Yelp

Mikey’s Smoked Meats and Deli in Mountain View specialises in smoking meats that are slow-cooked. They serve up brisket, chicken, and baby back pork ribs.

“It is a family affair and they treat you like you’re family while you are there,” Yelp user Matt R. said. “Great prices, great service, and great food. Don’t miss this place.”

California’s Langer’s Deli has the world’s most famous pastrami sandwiches.

The famous pastrami sandwich at Langer’s Deli. Jessy I./ Yelp

Los Angeles’ Langer’s Deli is home to a hand-cut pastrami sandwich that the Los Angeles Times has called “the best pastrami sandwich in the country.”Insider even featured the famous sandwich in a video.

“Seen it numerous times on many Foodie shows and it has always been on our Food Bucket list. It lived up to expectations,” Yelp user Yuliana H. said. “We knew we wanted the famous #19 Pastrami Sandwich. I have to agree with everyone else as it was the best Pastrami and Rye I have ever had. We also ordered a side of fries which could have fed three to four people. Great atmosphere and excellent food.”

Colorado’s The Bagel Deli is so famous among locals that it was featured on the Food Network.

A meal at the Bagel Deli. Clarissa J./ Yelp

The Bagel Deli in Denver was featured on the Food Network’s “Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives.” Host Guy Fieri tasted the matzo ball soup, the brisket knishes, and the kishke.

Customers can’t get enough either.

“We were so hooked after the first visit that we have come back every weekend since,” Yelp user Clarissa J. said.

Connecticut’s Rein’s Deli is famous for serving New York-style foods for 45 years.

Potato pancakes at Rein’s Deli. Sho R./ Yelp

Opened in 1972, Rein’s Deli in Vernon serves up matzo ball soup, potato salad, potato pancakes, and roast beef.

“This place is a hidden gem in Vernon,” Yelp user Sho R. said. “After Katz deli in NYC, this is my favourite deli.”

Delaware’s Maiale Deli is famous for being on the Food Network.

Chicken sausage at Maiale Deli. Robert S./ Yelp

Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” featured Maiale Deli on the show because the establishment is well known for its sausages and Cuban sandwich.

“Easily one of my favourite places in town,” Yelp user Heather B. said. “I should try the other sandwich choices, but always get the spicy Italian with peppers and onions because it’s that good. Their products are consistently delicious.”

Florida’s Toasted Bagelry & Deli is famous for its bagels.

Toasted Baglery & Deli. Mercedes E./ Yelp

The Miami New Times called Toasted Bagelry & Deli’s bagels the best in the city. They serve Asiago, cinnamon raisin, marble rye, and whole-wheat bagels.

“I’m very partial to New York/ New Jersey bagels, so when I was told that these bagels were the best around I had to give them a try,” Yelp user Donna R said. “I never thought it would be possible to get a decent bagel in Southern Florida, let alone in Brickell, the financial area of Miami. I must say that Toasted Bagelry & Deli definitely changed my mind.”

Georgia’s Reuben’s Deli offers one of the best Reuben sandwiches in the state.

Reuben’s Deli sandwich. Chris D./ Yelp

According to Atlanta coverage website, Reuben’s Deli is one of the seven best places to get a Reuben sandwich in the city. The establishment also serves an Italian sandwich, a turkey club, and an American sandwich.

“Reubens was amazing,” Yelp user Samantha S. said. “I am so happy I stopped into this little sandwich shop.”

Hawaii’s CJ’s Deli is famous for being the first New York-style deli on the islands.

CJ’s Deli. Nani N./ Yelp

CJ’s deli calls itself the original New York-style deli in Waikiki. In typical New York fashion, they serve Reuben and corned beef sandwiches.

“Every time I stay in Waikiki I make it a point to come here for lunch,” Yelp user Nani N. said. “I always get the Reuben sliders and I’m never disappointed.”

Idaho’s Cobby’s Sandwich Shop is famous for being the oldest in the state.

Cobby’s Sandwich Shop. Nani V./ Yelp

The Boise Cobby’s Sandwich Shop has been open for more than 40 years, serving roast beef, tuna salad, and turkey avocado sandwiches.

“A true Boise staple,” Yelp user Steph S. said. “I’ve been going to Cobby’s since I was a kid. The best clam chowder and sandwiches.”

Illinois’ J.P. Graziano Grocery Co. is famous for being the best deli in the state.

J.P. Graziano Grocery Co. Christopher V./ Yelp

J.P. Graziano Grocery Co. in Chicago is considered the best deli in the state, according to Food Network. Customers seem to agree.

“Overall, the sandwiches were very good,” Yelp user Colin X. said. “The bread had an interesting crispy shell and fluffy interior and the ingredients in the sub were prepared in a balanced proportion.”

Indiana’s Shapiro’s is famous for serving customers for over 100 years.

Shapiro’s sandwich. Rob Y./ Yelp

Shapiro’s has been operating in Indianapolis for 110 years. It has been named one of the top ten Jewish delis in the US and the place for the best sandwich in Indiana.

“Shapiro’s has been an Indy institution since dirt was young, and no wonder,” Yelp user Anne L. said. “I remember begging my mother for Shapiro’s cold cuts for my birthday parties – to me, Shapiro’s has always been the ultimate in deli food.”

Iowa’s Graziano Brothers deli is famous for its sausage.

Sausage at Graziano Brothers. Cindy Vy N./ Yelp

Graziano Brothers in Des Moines has been selling its famous sausages for over 100 years. Since opening in 1912, the deli has served sandwiches with an array of meats.

“My dad talked about Graziano Brothers Italian grocery in Des Moines for decades after he moved away,” Yelp user Barbara P. said. “Whenever he made a trip to Iowa, he always brought back several items from this 100+-year-old, family-owned store. I recently made a trip to Des Moines and definitely didn’t leave town without buying some of their GREAT Italian sausage (for making spaghetti), capicolo (for making amazing sandwiches), excellent homemade bread, and their Italian seasoning.”

Kansas’ Porubsky’s has been a local favourite since 1947.

Sandwich and pickles at Porubsky’s. Juan L./ Yelp

Located in Topeka, Kansas, Porubsky’s has been a mainstay for over 70 years. Located across the street from railroad tracks, the deli is best known for its garnished pickles, beer, and deli sandwiches.

“I buy these pickles whenever I’m near Topeka,” Yelp user Jeff D. wrote. “I have three pieces every night until they’re gone. I believe they make me happier, smarter, and stronger.”

Kentucky’s Engine House Deli and Pizza Pub is famous for being located in a former firehouse.

Sandwich from the Engine House Deli. Chad C./ Yelp

The Engine House Deli in Winchester is located in an 1885 horse-drawn fire station, but customers say the food is the real draw.

“I know that this place has been in town for years but I had never been there before until today,” Yelp user Debbie H. said. “The food was delicious and they make great chicken salad sandwiches. You really get your money’s worth.”

Louisiana’s Fertitta’s Delicatessen is famous because it’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

A sandwich from Fertitta’s Delicatessen. Ashley M./ Yelp

Fertitta’s Delicatessen in Shreveport opened in 1927, and today it’s considered a national and historic landmark. The eatery is also famous for its Muffy sandwich, which is a cold cut sandwich filled with olive mix, cheese, and mustard.

“This is a gem in a little city,” Yelp user Cameran V. said. “When entering into the restaurant it feels as if you are stepping back in time. The sandwiches are delicious and the olive dressing is just right.”

Maine’s Amato’s was named one of the best delis by Food Network.

A sandwich from Amato’s. Barbara P./ Yelp

Amato’s is a chain of sandwich shops that can be traced back to the early 1900s in Portland, Maine. Today, the establishment is ranked among the best delis in the country, according to the Food Network, and the customers agree.

“Always one of my stops whenever I come back to the Portland area,” Yelp user Matt S. said. “You can’t go wrong with either the classic ham Italian or a tuna Italian. Both are my absolute fave.”

Maryland’s Attman’s Deli is a favourite among locals and is known for its corned beef.

The corned beef at Attman’s Deli. Buonarotti G./ Yelp

Attman’s Deli in Baltimore, Maryland, is said to have the “best-corned beef this side of Brooklyn,” according to Zagat. The deli is also known for its pickles and its no-frills decor.

“This place is rich with history and a Baltimore staple,” Yelp user Marty S. said. “People come from all around just to stop and have one of [their] classic corn beef sandwiches.”

Massachusetts’ Zaftigs’ Delicatessen has been named the best deli in Boston.

A pastrami sandwich at Zaftigs. Tami C./ Yelp

Zaftig’s Delicatessen was named the best deli in 1999, and since then, they have been serving customers of Brookline corned beef, roast beef, and pastrami sandwiches.

“My boyfriend and I obsess over Zaftigs,” Yelp user Michelle C. said. “He loves that he can get lunch at any time and I love that I can get breakfast at any time. I think between the two of us, we have tried at least half of the menu at this point.”

Michigan’s Zingerman’s Deli is famous among locals.

A sandwich from Zingerman’s Deli. Darrin K./ Yelp

Located in Ann Arbor, Zingerman’s Deli is well-known among locals. The line outside the shop is usually 30-minutes long but has reached 120 minutes. Most wait in line for the most popular items, which include the pastrami, brisket, and corned beef sandwiches.

“Zingerman’s is a legend, consistently ranked among the world’s best sandwich joints, and deservedly so,” USA Today wrote. “If you ask any Ann Arbor resident or Michigan alum, they will likely know the name and number of their favourite sandwich, even ten years later. Passions run so high that they keep a list of ‘retired’ less popular sandwiches that have been discontinued, just so they can still make them when a fan returns.”

Minnesota’s Cecil’s Delicatessen is famous because it’s known as an institution.

A sandwich from Cecil’s Delicatessen. Charlie E./ Yelp

Cecil’s Delicatessen opened its doors in 1949, and today it’s still serving its legendary sandwiches. CBS describes the establishment as “a love-child between a classic New York-style Jewish deli and a Midwestern grocery, Cecil’s is an institution of St. Paul’s Highland Park neighbourhood.”

The network recommends the Reuben sandwich and the matzo ball soup.

Mississippi’s Delta Meat Market is famous for being one of the best delis in the country.

The deli at the Delta Meat Market. Stephen F./ Yelp

Delta Meat Market in Cleveland is considered one of the best delis in the country, according to the Food Network. The network recommends the charcuterie plate.

“Yes, it is number one for a reason in this town and that’s because, well, they are number one,” Yelp user Steven L. said. “Excellent friendly customer service and exceptional delicious food is what you get when you visit.”

Missouri’s Gioia’s Deli is famous for its hot salami.

The famous hot salami sandwich at Gioia’s Deli. Ryan S./ Yelp

Gioia’s Deli opened over 100 years ago in 1918, and today, it is known for its famous hot salami sandwich. They also serve roast beef, turkey, meatball, and veggie sandwiches.

“I had the original hot salami sandwich and it was off the charts,” Yelp user Ana M. said. “The next time I am in St. Louis, I will make sure this is one of the places we eat at. I don’t care how long the line is!”

Montana’s Tagliare Delicatessen is famous for its breads.

Tagliare Delicatessen. Victoria T./ Yelp

Food Network called Tagliare Delicatessen in Missoula the best deli in Montana. The deli is known for its award-winning bread and charcuterie trays.

“Unreal. Fantastic sandwich,” Yelp user Brandon W. said. “Had the beach boy. Bread is fresh and really makes the sandwich.”

Nebraska’s Ansel’s Pastrami and Bagels is known for its water.

Ansel’s. Ansel’s Pastrami and Bagels/ Yelp

New Yorkers say they have the best pizza and bagels because of the New York water, so Ansel’s in Omaha, Nebraska, partnered with a local filtration company to turn their water into New York water (they’re not the only eaterie to try this technique). The result is New York-tasting bagels in Nebraska. Ansel’s is also well-known for its pastrami sandwich.

“Pastrami was fantastic and falls apart with each bite,” Yelp user Bill S. said. “Best pastrami sandwich I’ve had in Omaha.”

Nevada’s Manhattan Deli is famous for being the best deli in the state.

A sandwich from Manhattan Deli. Dawn N./ Yelp

Manhattan Deli in Reno was named the best Jewish deli in Nevada in 2018. The site My Jewish Learning calls the matzo ball soup “picture-perfect” and praised the deli’s pastrami sandwiches.

“Been searching for a better than decent Matzoh Ball Soup and New York quality sandwich since we got here,” Yelp user Steven E. said. “I believe this is close as we’re going to get.”

New Hampshire’s Biederman’s Deli was named one of Oprah’s favourites.

A sandwich from Biederman’s Deli. Ashley M./ Yelp

On, Biederman’s Deli in Plymouth was named “The Best Thing to Eat” in New Hampshire.

“Biederman’s Deli has been a Plymouth staple since 1973, and its Balboa sandwich deserves a chunk of the credit,” the site reads.

New Jersey’s White House Subs is famous for its submarine sandwiches.

A submarine from White House Subs. Mike F./ Yelp

White House Subs opened in Atlantic City in 1946 and made a name for itself by selling famous submarine sandwiches. The submarine sandwiches are served with sausages, pepper steak, or salami.

“This submarine shop right in the centre of town has been serving up its gigantic submarine sandwiches for decades and people have told me it hasn’t changed much at all,” Yelp user Jeff H. said. “Judging by the line waiting for a booth, the White House Submarine Café will be around for decades more to be enjoyed by locals, visitors, and celebrities in the future. “

New Mexico’s Relish is famous for its award-winning sandwiches.

A sandwich at Relish. Relish Gourmet Sandiwches/ Yelp

Relish in Albuquerque has been ranked one of the spots in the city four times. The menu itself includes Cubano, turkey, roast beef, and tuna sandwiches.

“We are sort of sandwich snobs in our house and we are lucky to have travelled all over to try them out,” Yelp user Laura C. said. “A friend recommended Relish to us a while ago and we finally stopped in. WHOA. The food tasted so fresh, the portions were large and the kids plates made this mama feel at ease.”

New York’s Katz’s Delicatessen is arguably the most famous in the country.

Pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen. Marina Nazario/Business Insider

Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City is known for two things. First, the pastrami sandwich is considered one of the best in the country. Second, it was the setting for a popular scene in the 1989 movie “When Harry Met Sally,” starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Today, the restaurant is a popular tourist attraction where people come to reenact the famous scene.

North Carolina’s Neal’s Deli is famous for its pastrami biscuits.

The famous biscuit sandwich at Neal’s Deli. Christopher H./ Yelp

Food and Wine magazine highlighted Neal’s Deli in 2017 for their famous pastrami sandwich served on biscuits.

“They bake biscuits that wouldn’t taste out of place at a meat-and-three, but they also smoke brisket for pastrami to rival Katz’s Delicatessen’s in New York City,” Food and Wine wrote. “And they serve that pastrami on those biscuits, not for shock value, but because the combination tastes copacetic.”

North Dakota’s Country House Deli is famous among locals for serving the community for four decades.

A sandwich from Country House Deli. Lance C./ Yelp

Country House Deli in Bismarck has been a local staple for more than 40 years after opening in 1976. The deli is known of its large sandwiches, which include the Dakota, the Wisconsin, and the Mediterranean.

“This is a great spot for lunch – I was in town for work and came here almost every day,” Yelp user Jen F. said. “The service is quick, and there was tons of variety, including many different (delicious) kinds of bread. The dark rye and sunflower seed were my two favourites. Would definitely recommend coming here for a quick lunch in Bismarck.”

Ohio’s Larder Delicatessen and Bakery is a favourite of Food and Wine magazine.

A sandwich from Larder Delicatessen and Bakery. Sheena W./ Yelp

Larder Delicatessen and Bakery in Cleveland has been named one of America’s best Jewish delis by Food and Wine magazine. The deli also was a James Beard Award semifinalist in the “Best New Restaurant” category.

“The James Beard Award does not lie,” Yelp user Mariah S. said. “I got their fried chicken sandwich and, boy oh boy, does it not disappoint … What makes this Jewish deli extra special though is EVERYTHING is handmade from scratch there. It’s so impressive and incredible.”

Oklahoma’s Mediterranean Imports and Deli is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine.

A dish at Mediterranean Imports and Deli. Anna F./ Yelp

Mediterranean Imports and Deli sells cheeses and meats from Italy, Greece, Spain, and France. Food Network also considers the deli to be one of the best in the country.

“As a non-Lebanese woman whose husband is Lebanese, I am SO thankful for this place,” Yelp user Margaret F. said. “They have a great selection of Lebanese food to help satisfy my husband’s cravings and a wonderful market full of unique cheeses, olives, and other Mediterranean products. It is also a fabulous lunch spot.”

Oregon’s Kenny and Zuke’s is famous because it has long been considered one of the best Jewish delis in the country.

A Reuben sandwich from Kenny and Zuke’s. Max M./ Yelp

In 2015, Foursquare named Kenny and Zuke’s in Portland the ninth-best Jewish deli in the US.

“The quintessential Jewish deli of the Northwest, Kenny & Zuke’s boils and bakes its own bagels, brines and smokes its own pastrami and stocks one of Portland’s best soda collections – think sarsaparilla and Cel-Ray,” The Oregonian said about the deli.

Pennsylvania’s Famous 4th Street Delicatessen has been a staple in Philadelphia for decades.

Famous pastrami sandwich. Sari Marissa G./ Yelp

The Famous 4th Street Delicatessen in Philly opened in 1923 and has since made a name for itself in the deli world. Foursquare, in fact, named it as the top place to eat corned beef in the city.

“But it is the hot corned beef here, of course, that is king, sublimely tender and perfumed with pickling spice, and packed with such care between two slices of crusty grilled Brooklyn Rye,” the Philadelphia Inquirer said.

Rhode Island’s Hudson Street Deli is famous for its large grinders.

Sandwiches from Hudson Street Deli. Kristen S./ Yelp

Zagat named Hudson Street Deli in Providence the best place to buy a large (or very large) Italian grinder in the state of Rhode Island.

“This place has really good sandwiches,” Yelp user Miki K. said. “It’s perfect for a breakfast or lunch. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options and high-quality ingredients. I’m a little disappointed by the wait times sometimes, but it’s because of the popularity of the place.”

South Carolina’s Groucho’s Deli is famous for being a staple in the state.

A sandwich from Groucho’s Deli. Michael Y./ Yelp

Groucho’s Deli is one of the oldest delis and restaurants in South Carolina. Although the deli has locations all over North and South Carolina, its original location opened in 1941. Today, the deli is still known as a staple for its Reuben and roast beef sandwiches.

“I love Groucho’s,” Yelp user Charles D. said. “They have a great Reuben, [and] everything on the menu is fantastic combined with friendly and fast service and atmosphere.”

South Dakota’s Dakota Butcher is famous for its meats.

Meats at a butcher shop. LUISA GONZALEZ/ Reuters

Dakota Butcher in South Dakota is a well-known family-owned business that serves beef, pork, lamb, and buffalo. Most of their meats are smoked in their own smokehouses. Food Network calls it the best deli in the state, and customers seem to agree.

“As a family on the go, this is the place to go to find great-tasting food,” Laurie Zubkle Johnson said on Facebook. “The selection and service is outstanding. This family-owned business is hands down the best. Thank you for all you bring to the Watertown Community.”

Tennessee’s Mitchell’s Delicatessen is famous for being one of the best places to eat in Nashville.

A sandwich from Mitchell’s Delicatessen. Nick R./ Yelp

Mitchell’s Delicatessen in Nashville has a number of accolades. For example, People magazine says the deli has the best sandwich in the state, and Thrillist says it’s one of the best delis in the country.

“You absolutely must go here if you are ever in Nashville,” Yelp user Kate M. said. “Mitchell’s sandwiches are banging! I walked in not expecting much, thinking that this would be an average deli, but the food here is on another level.”

Texas’ Kenny & Ziggy’s Delicatessen is famous because it was the centre of a documentary.

The eight decker sandwich from Kenny & Ziggy’s Delicatessen. Cindy S./ Yelp

In 2015, Houston’s Kenny & Ziggy’s delicatessen was the centre of a documentary called “Deli Man.” In the film, Kenny & Ziggy’s is called “arguably the finest delicatessen restaurant in the US.” The eatery is also known for its sandwiches that are stacked eight decks high like a skyscraper.

“Wow,” Yelp user Devyn J. said. “OK, maybe it’s due to the fact that I was raised by a Long Island NY Jewish father but something about this place is just magical. The food is absolutely phenomenal, the place is as classic East Coast delicatessen food as you could imagine.”

Utah’s Feldman’s Deli is famous for its sandwiches and bagels.

The sloppy joe at Feldman’s Deli. Feldman’s Deli/ Yelp

Salt Lake City’s Feldman’s Deli has been given many accolades over the years, becoming a staple in the city. In 2015, its bagels were named the best in the US, and in 2014, it was named the best place to have lunch in Utah.

“I’ve never been disappointed. Their sandwiches are hugely amazing. The people who work there are friendly and efficient,” Yelp user Kasi P. wrote.

Vermont’s Noonie’s Deli is famous for its Vermonter sandwich.

The Purple Pleasure at Noonie’s Deli. Matt P./ Yelp

Zagat named Noonie’s Deli in Middlebury the best place in the state to buy a Vermonter sandwich, which consists of ham, Vermont cheddar cheese, apples, and mustard. The Purple Pleasure sandwich is also very popular among customers.

“The purples pleasure is unreal – Turkey, cheddar, avocado, bacon, and jalapenos on freshly baked bread, ” Yelp user Stuart G. said. “It’s hard to review anything else because it’s hard for me to try anything else, and I am one to typically sample a menu.”

Virginia’s Padow’s Ham and Deli is famous for its glazed hams.

Ham and cheese at Padow’s. Kelly R./ Yelp

Padow’s Ham and Deli in Innsbrook, Virginia, specialises in ham, but they are also experts in lunch. Food Network’s Bobby Flay even visited the deli to try the hot sauce-spiked cheese ball and the array of hams.

“My favourite place to eat,” Yelp user Steven H. said. “The employees are very nice and courteous. Very clean atmosphere. Great Portion sides, delicious cakes, and pies, very delicious homemade soups. I have three favourite sandwiches. The steak and cheese all the way. Italian sub best hot. And the club sandwich. Very delicious.”

Washington’s George’s Sausage and Delicatessen is famous for being a Seattle staple.

A sandwich from George’s Sausage and Delicatessen. Karlo G./ Yelp

The Seattle Times called George’s Sausage and Delicatessen “a tiny Seattle treasure” and even called it the “best deli in Seattle.” The deli, which has been open for over 35 years, specialises in Polish and other eastern European foods.

“Businesses like this are what make cities special,” Yelp user Matt E. said. “Definitely worth a visit if you live anywhere nearby. There’s so much more to check out than what I tried.”

West Virginia’s Flying Fish Seafood Deli & Market is famous for its fresh seafood.

Po Boy at the Flying Fish Seafood Deli & Market. Sher Y./ Yelp

The Flying Fish Seafood Deli & Market in Morgantown is considered one of the best delis in the country, according to the Food Network. The establishment is known for its seafood, including its cod sandwich, salmon burger, and mahi-mahi sandwich.

“Simply amazing,” Yelp user Kelsey B. said. “We eat here at least once a week! Fish is so fresh and delicious.”

Wisconsin’s Jake’s Delicatessen is famous because it’s been open for over 100 years.

Reuben at Jake’s Delicatessen. Jake’s Deli/ Yelp

Jake’s Delicatessen in Milwaukee opened in 1903 and has remained a staple for over 100 years. The deli is also known for its corned beef.

“Oh my Lord, lunch was so delicious,” Yelp user Seth P. said. “My corned beef/pastrami combo had just the right amount of fat, and the meat was scrumptious and perfectly seasoned. Some of the best I’ve ever had.”

Wyoming’s R-Deli is famous for its western saloon vibes.

R-Deli. David W./ Yelp

R-Deli in Hulett, Wyoming, is set up like an old western saloon. The deli also takes a no-frills approach with its menu, serving simple sandwiches like a B.L.T., peanut butter and jelly, and a ham and cheese.

“A nice little quiet, clean place,” Yelp user Chad B. said.“The food was fresh and the meat was cut right in front of us, and the service was friendly and helpful.”