Send Your Kid To One Of These Crazy Expensive Summer Camps

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Sleepaway camp is a great summer activity, if you can afford it. 

Groups like YMCA and Girl Scouts offer inexpensive camping options. But on the other end of the spectrum are private, eight-week camps that offer top-notch food, living accommodations, and activities from waterskiing to horseback riding.

Many are located in the mountains of the northeast, and cost more than $1,000 every week. To put it in perspective: The cost of these camps is equivalent to a semester at a state college.

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Camp Winaukee in Moultonboro, NH costs $10,550 for the summer.

Camp Winaukee, an all-boys camp that sits on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, prides itself in being one of the premier sports and adventure camps in the country.

For $10,550, you can send your rugrats away for seven weeks.

There are about 200 campers between the ages of 7-12, and a 150 campers between the ages of 13-15.

Activities at camp include: sports, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor adventure, ropes, arts & crafts, and theatre.

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp in Honesdale, Penn. costs $10,700 for the summer.

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp is an all-girls camp that offers an eight week program for $10,700.

The typical day starts at 7:30 a.m. and goes until 9:15 p.m.

Some of the special events at camp include: Miss Firecracker Contest, Olympics, Top-Secret Chocolate Banana Night, special surprise snacks, and the culminating event of the summer: the weeklong colour War.

Camp Mataponi in Naples, ME costs $10,750 for the summer.

Camp Mataponi for Girls takes campers ages 7-15 years old.

For lunch, there's a 30-item salad bar. And there are weekly BBQs with themes such as Under the Sea, Funky Princess Super Hero, and Western night.

The camp costs $10,750 for the summer.

Camp Wildwood in Bridgton, ME costs $10,750 for the summer.

At Camp Wildwood, activities start promptly at 9:15 a.m. and run until 5:15 p.m., with activities switching about every hour.

Activities include archery, beach volleyball, swimming lessons, polo, and more. Campers take part in the activities by being split up into groups based by age.

The seven weeks spent at Camp Wildwood costs $10,750. A camp director described Wildwood to us as 'a perfect place to experience sports in a nurturing environment.'

Camp Matoaka in Smithfield, ME costs $10,800 for the summer.

Camp Matoaka, an all-girls camp, costs $10,800 for the full session (there are two).

The camp offers land sports, water sports, and creative arts, which includes photography, sewing, computers, radio and video.

The camp also has day trips a few times a week, such as visits to water parks, theatres, whitewater rafting, and baseball games.

Camp Vega in Fayette, ME costs $10,850 for the summer.

Camp Vega for Girls in Maine accepts campers in grades two through nine.

At the $10,850-per-summer camp, girls can figure skate, perform in the music recording studio, partake in gymnastics and cheerleading, sail, play tennis, and more.

Girls can also receive private instruction on any activity they particularly want to excel in.

Raquette Lake Camp in Raquette Lake, NY was $10,850*

Raquette Lake Camp has a boys and a girls camp, with last year's sessions costing $10,850.

All campers must wear uniforms, and can start attending as early as age six.

There is an equestrian program, gymnastics, canoeing, and sailing for girls.

For boys, there's lacrosse, archery, mountain biking, baseball, and more.

*2012 camp tuition

Brant Lake Camp in Brant Lake, NY costs $10,950 for the summer.

For $10,950, your child can spend seven weeks at Brant Lake Camp.

In addition to standard camp activities, this camp lets students work at a radio station or play ice hockey.

There's even a dance centre for girls.

Camp Cedar in Casco, ME costs $10,950 for the summer.

Camp Cedar lasts about seven weeks, running up a price tag of $10,950.

There's every sport imaginable at Camp Cedar, including lacrosse, hockey, fishing, volleyball, archery, and water skiing.

The camp also takes the kids on trips to places such Mt. Katahdin, the Appalachian Trail, and Baxter State Park.

Camp Skylemar in Naples, ME costs $10,950 for the summer.

Camp Skylemar spans 200 acres in Maine, and costs $10,950 for the summer.

The all-boys camp features a five-hole golf course, eight tennis courts, and three indoor-and-outdoor basketball courts.

On the camp's website, it says 'We teach boys to win graciously, and lose with honour.'

Camp Manitou in Oakland, ME costs $10,950 for the summer.

Camp Manitou for Boys runs for about eight weeks, offering 23 activities taught on land, 17 water activities on the East Lake, and creative arts options.

Camp costs $10,950.

The food looked particularly delicious, offering campers a breakfast bar, a soup bar at lunch, fajitas for dinner, and more.

Camp Robindel in Moultonboro, NH costs $10,975 for the summer.

Camp Robindel for Girls runs about eight weeks, costing $10,975.

Girls can do pottery, yoga, riding, paddleboarding, surfing, kneeboarding, and more.

On a bi-weekly basis, the camp throws 'themed' meals, around Chinese, Mexican, Hawaiian, and Italian. The girls all dress up accordingly to the theme.

Camp Androscoggin in Wayne, ME costs $11,000 for the summer.

Camp Androscoggin for Boys started in 1907, and has 125 acres of shoreline property for campers to enjoy.

The $11,000 camp runs for seven weeks.

The camp boasts an epic Field House with a high-school regulation basketball court and 30-foot ceilings.

Camp Point O'Pines in Brant Lake, NY costs $11,050 for the summer.

Camp Point O'Pines for girls lasts all summer and costs $11,050.

Days start at 7:45 a.m. with a wake-up call.

There are eight activities that change on the hour throughout the day. Lights go out at 9 p.m. for the younger campers, while the older campers prepare for one night activity.

Camp Takajo in Naples, ME costs $11,100 for the summer.

The all-boys Camp Takajo runs about eight weeks, costing $11,100.

All younger boys have instructional swim as part of their daily routines, until they hit 12 years old.

As boys get older, they have more freedom choosing the hobbies and activities they participate in.

Boys can attend camp until age 15.

Camp Romaca in Hindsdale, MA costs $11,100 for the summer.

Camp Romaca is an all-girls camp for ages 7-15 that lasts seven weeks, costing $11,100.

The camp has a sister-brother relationship with nearby Camp Greylock.

It offers a wide range of activities, covering sports, arts, and outdoor activities.

Tripp Lake Camp in Poland, ME costs $11,100 for the summer.

Tripp Lake Camp is an all-girls camp for ages 7-16 that runs for about eight weeks, costing $11,100.

Girls have their choice of ga-ga ball, lacrosse, theatre, and the equestrian program, among other activities.

The camp assigns each younger girl two 'big sisters' who will write the camper letters and look out for her during her stay.

The TLC Family Camps cost $11,350 for the summer for the summer.

Tyler Hill Camp in Tyler Hill, Pa. and Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, NY, cost $11,350 for about eight weeks.

Both are part of the TLC Family Camps, and are co-ed, with children ages 7 to 16.

Activities vary based on location.

The International Riding Camp in Greenfield Park, NY costs $14,700 for the summer.

The 10-week International Riding Camp includes a trip to New York City and a trip to Southampton.

An average day starts at 7:15 a.m., breakfast is at 7:30 a.m. Evening activities run until 7:30 p.m. and lights out by 10.

There's a maximum of 45 campers in a session.

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