The 20 Most Expensive Public Colleges In The Country

University Pittsburgh Panthers Fans Trumpets Banners

The University of Pittsburgh is the most expensive public college in the country, according to data compiled by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

During the 2014-2015 academic year, Pitt charged $US17,772 in tuition and $US10,800 in room and board, for a total cost of $US28,572.

Interestingly, many of the colleges on The Chronicle’s list — seven, to be exact — are part of the University of California system. The UCs have notably seen large budget cuts over the last few years.

The Chronicle also has tuition and room and board data for colleges stretching back to 1998, which you can look through here.

Here are the 20 most expensive public colleges in the country, via The Chronicle of Higher Education:

  1. University of Pittsburgh — $US28,572
  2. University of California, Berkeley — $US28,410
  3. University of California, Riverside — $US28,407
  4. New Jersey Institute of Technology — $US28,262
  5. University of California, Merced — $US28,195
  6. University of California, Davis — $US28,114
  7. Pennsylvania State University — $US28,022
  8. College of William & Mary — $US28,000
  9. University of California, Santa Barbara — $US27,988
  10. University of California, Santa Cruz — $US27,825
  11. Colorado School of Mines — $US27,402
  12. University of California, Irvine — $US27,295
  13. University of Vermont — $US27,006
  14. University of New Hampshire — $US26,912
  15. College of New Jersey — $US26,701
  16. Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg — $US26,568
  17. Pennsylvania College of Technology — $US26,286
  18. University of California, Los Angeles — $US26,164
  19. Pennsylvania State University Berks — $US26,088
  20. University of Illinois at Urbana — Champaign — $US25,868