This Is The Most Expensive Private School In New York City


Photo: Courtesy Riverdale Country School

The Riverdale Country School, an elite private school in the Bronx, is the first New York City private school to cross a major threshold and charge more than $40,000 for tuition, The Wall Street Journal reports.Tuition for high-school students at Riverdale will be $40,450 for the 2011-2012 school year, according to the WSJ.

That’s a pretty big jump from last year’s tuition rate of $38,800, which at the time was also the most expensive private school tuition out there.

It’s also far more than the current annual tuition at many top-tier institutions of higher education like Princeton University, where tuition for the upcoming year is $37,000, the WSJ points out.

What’s more, private school tuitions in New York City are only expected to increase.

From the WSJ:

Tuition at New York City schools has long outpaced the national average. This past year, national median tuition for 12th grade was $21,695, according to the National Association of Independent Schools. In New York City, it was $35,475.

No one expects tuition costs to stop climbing. Administrators at Avenues, a new for-profit private school that is scheduled to open in Manhattan in the fall of 2012, said it analysed trend data carefully while determining the school’s own tuition numbers.

It projects that by the time Avenues opens in 2012, the average tuition at New York City private schools will be $39,700. That doesn’t include extra fees.

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