The 15 most expensive places to live in America

Sag Harbour, New YorkWikipediaTogether, Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, New York, make up the most expensive place to live.

After paying your rent or mortgage, transportation, utilities, and any other bills, how much do you have left at the end of the month? The answer probably depends largely on where you live.

FindTheBest created a cost of living index based on 2013 family budget estimates for housing, taxes, healthcare, childcare, transportation, and “other necessities” (like food) from the Economic Policy Institute to compare, in over 600 counties and metro areas across the US, where your dollar goes the farthest.

The average overall index for US cities and metro areas is 100, so a city with an index of 120 is 20% more expensive than average, and a city with an index of 80 is 20% cheaper than average.

12. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, California, metro area

Santa Cruz-Watsonville metro area index: 140

State index: 116

Healthcare in the Santa Cruz-Watsonville metro area is very affordable, but housing is not. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment or condo in Santa Cruz is $US1,306 a month, according to a report by UC -- Santa Cruz, which is high relative to the median household income of $US66,519.

11. Danbury, Connecticut, metro area

Danbury metro area index: 140

State index: 127

Danbury is the second-most expensive place to live in Connecticut. Both the income tax and sales tax in Danbury are higher than average in the US, but the unemployment rate is lower than average and both median household income and median family income are higher than average.

10. Easton-Raynham, Massachusetts, metro area

Easton-Raynham metro area index: 142

State index: 135

The least expensive part of living in the Easton-Raynham area is the cost of transportation. This past June, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board of Directors also announced a plan for a new commuter line to run through Easton, Raynham, and Stoughton that, over the next 10 years, could generate $US500 million annually in new economic activity.

9. Orange County, California, metro area

Orange County metro area index: 143

State index: 116

Orange County, like the old TV show 'The O.C.,' is the most expensive place to live in California. Housing and taxes are very high. Some of the wealthiest towns in Orange County include Newport Beach and Corona del Mar, as well as Laguna Beach (also like the TV show).

6. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-Virginia-Maryland, metro area

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area index: 148

State index: 94 (VA), 96 (MD)

Despite being the hometown of the IRS, the DC metro area has some of the highest taxes in the country. The silver lining is that while DC is very expensive for some people, especially in Georgetown, it's also one of the most affordable places for low-income families to live.

5. Westchester County, New York, metro area

Westchester County metro area index: 149

State index: 120

Westchester is the county just north of New York City, and home to countless commuters. It's known for its great school districts, but also for sky-high taxes, especially property taxes. Transportation between Westchester and New York City can be very expensive, but transportation within Westchester County itself is cheaper.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu index: 149

State index: N/A

Honolulu is a hot vacation destination, but also isolated from the mainland, making food and other commodities expensive. On the plus side, at $US59,605, Hawaii has the ninth-highest median income in the country.

2. Nantucket-Dukes Counties, Massachusetts

Nantucket-Dukes index: 153

State index: 135

Nantucket, just south of Cape Cod, and Dukes County, home to Martha's Vineyard, are popular summer home spots for wealthy individuals and families around the country. Real estate is very expensive, as are food, transportation, and other basics. A report by TripAdvisor rated Martha's Vineyard the most expensive vacation destination in America.

1. Nassau-Suffolk Counties, New York

Nassau-Suffolk index: 155

State index: 120

Nassau and Suffolk Counties, on Long Island, aren't the highest in the country in terms of housing, taxes, or healthcare, but they're up there in each category, and that's enough to make the area the most expensive place to live in America. Also a major New York City commuting hub, it's known for high property taxes and pricey real estate, especially in Nassau County. Suffolk is home to the Hamptons, a popular summer spot for the wealthy and the famous.

Time to get out of the city.

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