These Insane IPhone Cases Are More Expensive Than The IPhones Inside Them

Dragon Phone caseAnita Mai TANThis Anita Mai TAN iPhone case costs more than your house.

It’s hard to imagine paying more for a phone case than you would for an actual phone, but it could happen. An iPhone, which starts at about $US199.00, is cheaper than all of the cases you’re about to see here.

Ranging from brand names to fashion faux pas to the utterly ridiculous — solid gold and diamonds! — these iPhone cases are among the most expensive in the world.

We’ve arranged them in order of escalating price.

Swarovski crystals, via Etsy - $US239.00. Warning: Do not stare directly into this case.

You, as a cartoon, on your iPhone case - $US250.00. You can send this artist a photo of yourself, which she will then stylize onto your cell phone case.

Zoe's House of Crystal My Little iPony - $US259.00. Admit it. You want this bedazzled piece of 1990s kitsch.

Wheylan Designs - $US275.00. For the leather daddy or dominatrix inside you, this crocodile skin and leather holster attaches to your leg, giving extra security.

Dolce & Gabbana - $US595.00. (Act quickly and you can get it discounted to $US267.00 at Neiman Marcus.)

Case Savvy iPhone 5 Glossy Finish Case - $US1,035. You can buy this custom plastic case on Zazzle, where the seller says, 'This case does scream fashion as well as that 'I am important' factor.'

The Tower Flower - $US1,495. This case, found on Etsy, is a hard plastic shell hand-decorated with crystals and rhinestones in a 'Paris in the spring' motif. It's (somewhat) cheaper than a round trip to France.

Miansai - $US10,000. It's 14 carat gold. Allow for two weeks' shipping.

Anita Mai TAN 'Dragon and Spider' - $US880,000. Seller says, 'It is crafted in 18K gold set with beautiful 2200 colorless and colour diamonds (champagne, cognac, brown) for a total weight of 32 cts. The stunning dragon is the symbol of the Universe, life, Growth, and existence. ... The Spider is the symbol of Unity, Creativity, and Hard Work.

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