A Restaurant In Vancouver Is Selling The World’s New Most Expensive Hot Dog

hot dog stand
This is not DougieDog’s

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Meet the Dragon Dog: a $100 bratwurst saturated with $2,000-a-bottle Louis the 13th cognac. This decadent dog is selling in Vancouver restaurant DougieDog Hot Dogs, reports the Canadian Press. And it is, according to the restaurant, the world’s most expensive hot dog, topping the $69 “haute dog,” which sells at Serendipity in New York.

Dougie Luv, DougieDog’s owner, told the Canadian Press that he wanted to stay close to the true identity of the hot dog with his creation, which also contains Kobe beef, lobster, and truffle oil. 

If anything, this luxury link is a salute to the sturdy tradition of mixed meat concatenation, of which the hot dog is a paragon.

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