Presenting The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Every State


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Looking for bragging rights? You can buy the most expensive home in North Dakota for $1.3 million.Buying the most expensive home in California will be a little harder at $150 million.

Unique Homes compiled a list of the most expensive home on the market in each state in America.

From beach houses in Delaware, to townhouses in New York City, take a look at some of the most luxuries properties on the market right now.

#50 NORTH DAKOTA: A $1.3 million home on 15 acres of land

#49 ALASKA: A $1.99 million home on a large wooded lot

#48 NEBRASKA: A $2.99 million home on 58 acres of land

#47 SOUTH DAKOTA: A $3 million ranch on Rapid Creek

#46 ARKANSAS: A $5.5 million lakefront property on 905 acres

#46 WEST VIRGINIA: A $5.5 million home with mountain views

#44 IOWA: A $5.9 million estate overlooking the Mississippi River

#43 INDIANA: A $5.95 million waterfront estate

#42 LOUISIANA: A $6 million property on a canal

#41 MISSOURI: A $6.8 million plantation estate

#40 OHIO: A $6.9 million gated property on 10 acres

#40 KANSAS: A $6.9 million log lodge

#38 KENTUCKY: A $7.5 million mansion on 13 acres of land

#37 WISCONSIN: A $7.95 million summer estate on Lake Geneva

#36 OKLAHOMA: A $9.95 million equestrian farm

#35 DELAWARE: A $10 million vacation home on Rehoboth Beach

#34 NEW HAMPSHIRE: A $10.5 million estate on Winnipesaukee Lake

#33 MICHIGAN: An $11.9 million waterfront property

#32 NEW MEXICO: A $13.5 million Pueblo architecture inspired home

#31 MINNESOTA: A $14.9 million cabin on 30 acres of land

#30 MISSISSIPPI: A $15 million historical estate

#30 OREGON: A $15 million property on a private island in Lake Oswego

#28 MAINE: A $15.5 million estate on the ocean

#27 VERMONT: A $16 million estate on a rock ledge of a canyon

#26 MONTANA: A $16 million home on Whitefish Mountain

#25 VIRGINIA: A $17.5 million estate on more than 20 acres of land

#24 ALABAMA: A $17.9 million estate in Birmingham

#23 PENNSYLVANIA: A $17.95 million home on more than 20 acres

#22 NORTH CAROLINA: An $18 million estate on Burt Farm

#21 IDAHO: A $19.995 million ranch in Sun Valley

#20 ARIZONA: A $22 million Paradise Valley estate on 40 acres of land

#18 SOUTH CAROLINA: A $23 million estate in historic Charleston

#17 RHODE ISLAND: A $24 million oceanfront estate

#16 TENNESSEE: A $27.5 million plantation estate

#15 WASHINGTON: A $28.8 million waterfront estate on Mercer Island

#14 WYOMING: A $29.7 million ranch on Snake River

#13 MARYLAND: A $30 million farm house that belong to Paul Tudor Jones

#12 HAWAII: A $32.5 million beachfront estate in Honolulu

#11 TEXAS: A $35 million palace, Champ d' Or

#10 GEORGIA: A $36 million estate with 24 bathrooms

#9 CONNECTICUT: A $42.5 million estate in the prestigious Greenwich

#8 UTAH: A $42.8 million ski cabin

#7 MASSACHUSETTS: A $48 million estate on Cohasset Harbor

#6 COLORADO: A $59.9 million ranch in Steamboat Springs

#5 NEW JERSEY: A $68 million estate in Alpine

#4 NEVADA: A $75 million vacation estate on Lake Tahoe

#3 NEW YORK: A $90 million townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

#2 FLORIDA: $100 million for a modern day palace

Think some of these homes are crazy expensive? Check out these purchases:

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