The 15 Most Expensive Mansions For Sale In London

heath hall

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Several New York City apartments have hit the market with eye-popping asking prices near $100 million in the past few months.

But that’s nothing compared to the most expensive homes currently for sale in the United Kingdom, which include a $484 million home in London’s Hyde Park neighbourhood.

With One Cornwall Terrace recently hitting the market for $160 million, we decided to take a look at the most expensive properties currently for sale in London.

For $42.3 million, live in this detached Italian villa in Holland Park, London. The home has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

For $46.3 million, this nearly 9,000-square-foot home in London can be yours. The home has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

For $47.9 million, buy this five-bedroom apartment in Kensington, London. The duplex apartment has a porter, gym, and pool.

For $51.1 million, buy this home on Avenue Road in London. The property is 22,500 square feet, and has 10 bedrooms, and six bathrooms.

For $51.1 million, purchase this house in Belgravia. It has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a cinema room, gym, roof terrace, and elevator.

For $51.4 million, purchase this five-floor mansion with seven bedrooms and three reception rooms in London.

For $55.8 million, buy this 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom house in London. The home was built in 1826, and has a stunning a Georgian facade.

For $59.8 million, buy this newly built house in London with a period facade. The house has 11 reception rooms, and is perfect for parties.

For $62.2 million, buy this 9-bedroom London home that has an indoor pool.

For $63.8 million, buy this 8-bedroom, 7-bathroom home on London's Bishops Avenue.

For $105 million, buy a flat inside London's famed One Hyde Park. The flat, which has five bedrooms, would be the most expensive flat ever sold in London if it goes for that price.

For $158 million, Heath Hall on London's exclusive Bishops Avenue, can be yours. The home sits on two acres,and has 17 bedrooms and a garage that fits 10 cars.

For $160 million, buy the new-to-the-market One Cornwall Terrace. The house was built in the 1820s and spans 21,000 square feet.

An $484 million mansion in London's Park Hyde neighbourhood is the most expensive house for sale in the United Kingdom. The 60,000-square-foot home was the former residence of Lebanon's late Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Want to see how other countries stack up?

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