The 17 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In California


The California real estate bubble has been deflating for three years, but guess what — there are still dozens of homes on the market for over $20 million, according to

Now could be the time to buy one of these dream homes. Assuming you’re extremely, extremely rich.

$30 million for a palatial French estate with fountains, koi pond and lighted tennis court in Los Angeles

$38 million for a 3-acre Los Angeles estate with rolling lawns and rose gardens

$39 million for a pleasure complex including 3 water falls, 3 koi ponds, lighted tennis court, and ocean views in Malibu

$40 million for a Japanese-style Malibu beach cottage, built from glass bamboo, and stone

$40 million for a Malibu ocean-front estate, with Moroccan day spa, tapas bar, and 15-car climate-controlled garage

$47 million for a Malibu estate sitting right on a 180-feet of private beach

$49 million for a 10-acre nature reserve, with carriage house, in Beverly Hills

$49 million for a Wine Country villa, with olive farm, skeet shooting range, private pond, and professional-grade horse stables

$50 million for this unfinished home in Rancho Mirage -- must be an expensive neighbourhood!

$53 million for this classical LA estate, with 21 baths, 12 fireplaces and lush interior throughout

$55 million for a Malibu Mediterranean-style villa, with pool, spa, lighted tennis courts, and private beach

$58 million for an 80-acre oceanfront castle with marble-and-crystal grand ballroom, 12 mural domes and pinot noir vineyard

$65 million for 37 acres of vineyard and orchard, with 360 degree ocean views (apparently), in Malibu

$75 million for a mega complex nestled behind the tie-breaker 19th hole of a Rancho Mirage golf course

$150 million for Tori Spelling's ridiculous estate with 57,000 sqft of living space

But how do these sweet homes compare to...

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