The 12 Most Expensive Foods On The Planet

european white truffles

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Would you pay more than $40 for less than a pound of beef? What about $2,000 for a pound of fungi?If you want to eat the very best, that’s what you have to cough up. We scoured the Internet to find the 10 most expensive products per pound and surprisingly, the most expensive items are also the smallest.

Tiny saffron filaments will set you back nearly $3,000 per pound, while a pound of chocolates costs nearly as much.

A pound of Kopi Luwak coffee, which passes through the digestive tract of a civet before being dried, can cost nearly $230.

Source: Woman's Day

Moose milk cheese can cost up to $500 per pound and is only available at private moose cow farms in rural Sweden.

Source: Woman's Day

A pound of Kobe beef, which must come from the Kobe prefecture in Japan, can cost up to $500.

Source: MSNBC

One pound of La Bonnotte potatoes can cost up to $1,543. The potatoes can only be cultivated on Noirmoutier, an island off Western France, and once ran the risk of extinction.

Source: Oddity Central

Bluefin tuna can be sold for up to $1,365 per pound. A 593-pound fish sold at auction in Japan for $736,000.

Japan's Matsutake mushrooms can sell for $2,000 per pound. The tree that shelters the mushrooms have been decimated by insects, causing the mushrooms to become extremely rare.

Saffron costs $2,700 per pound. The spice has to be harvested by hand and it takes more than 75,000 filaments to make one pound.

Source: TLC

European white truffles sell for up to $3,600 per pound. Truffle farmers use dogs to hunt for the truffles, which grow wild underground at the base of an oak tree.

Source: CBS News

A 17-pound Densuke Black Watermelon sold for $6,100 in 2009 in Japan. Densukes are only grown on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido, which produces around 10,000 of the fruit a year.

Source: CBS News

One pound of Tieguanyin Tea, a premium form of oolong tea, can cost up to $6,600.

Source: Woman's Day

Almas Caviar, which comes from a beluga sturgeon, is sold in a 24-karat gold tin for $25,000.

Yubari King Melons, a rare variety from Japan, have sold for as much as $26,000 a pair. But the prized fruits typically sell for $50 to $100 at Japanese department stores.

Source: Gourmet

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