The Most Expensive College Dorms In Every State

Higher-education information website eCollegeFinder has put together a great map showing the college in each state with the most expensive room and board based on data from the 2013-14 academic year.

Room and board is an often overlooked expense when planning for college, but can quickly add up. The map features a diverse array of schools, including large state universities, art and music institutes, and prestigious private colleges.

The New York School of Interior Design has the most expensive room and board in the country, charging $US21,000 for one year. Only colleges that offered four-year undergraduate degrees with housing were included on this map.

eCollegeFinder’s Mike Simmons put the map together using data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Via eCollegeFinder, these are the colleges with the most expensive room and board:

eCollegeFinder also compiled a helpful list of the top 10 schools with the most applications and an excellent state-by-state breakdown of just how much each school charges:

Top 10 Colleges With The Most Expensive Room And Board:

  1. New York – New York School of Interior Design – $US21,000
  2. Massachusetts — The Boston Conservatory – $US17,195
  3. California — University of California Berkeley – $US15,482
  4. Pennsylvania — Drexel University – $US14,415
  5. DC — Catholic University of America – $US14,326
  6. Connecticut — Quinnipiac University – $US14,250
  7. New Jersey — Stevens Institute of Technology – $US14,214
  8. Illinois — School of the Art Institute of Chicago – $US14,190
  9. Rhode Island — Roger Williams University – $US14,120
  10. Tennessee — Vanderbilt University – $US14,094

Most Expensive Room And Board By State:

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