At $170 A Pop, These Chinese Chickens Are The World’s Most Expensive

chinese chicken
These are not the chickens.

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A man in Yuyao, East China’s Zhejiang province, has started his own natural chicken business in spite of China’s abhorrent food safety reputation, reports Xu Junquian for China Daily.Yang Sizhong’s chickens, though, are not only raised naturally; they are the most expensive in the world, at about $170 each, or 10 times the average price, reports AsiaOne. A single egg (which is pink, blue, or green) costs about $3.16.

Perhaps because these simingjinfeng fowl (known locally as “golden phoenix”) are so untainted, they are especially attractive. 

Xu reports that Yang feeds the chickens corn, wheat, and worms; traditional Chinese medicines; and fresh mountain water. He even plays Mozart to the birds, believing it soothes them.

It’s hard to believe these birds will be recalled.

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