14 Of The Most Extravagant Birthday Parties

David Sacks

Photo: Snoop Dogg

When famous people celebrate their birthdays, they tend to go all out.But some of them really go over the top, spending millions of dollars on food, entertainment and party favours to ensure they throw the party to end all parties.

We’ve found some of the crazies birthday parties that celebrities and the super-rich have thrown in the past decade.

Maybe next year, we’ll get an invitation to one of them.

Sacks' $1.4 million party at the famous (and really expensive) Fleur de Lys mansion in June touted a 'Let Them Eat Cake' theme.

Ironically, the party was just after Microsoft unveiled plans to acquire Yammer for $1 billion. 350 guests donned 18th-century French costumes and celebrated with Sacks while listening to Snoop Dogg rap the night away.

Party guests weren't allowed to talk about the party on social media, but some rogue guests tweeted party details anyway.

Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman threw a 60th birthday party that made everyone hate Wall Street.

Right before the U.S. economy tanked, Schwarzman threw a gluttonous bash in February 2007 that made America hate Wall Street's guts. Schwarzman held the $3 million party at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue. Guests like Goldman-Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and former Bear Stearns CEO James Cayne enjoyed bottomless gourmet food, endless wine and a $1 million concert by Rod Stewart.

Schwarzman has since apologized for the overly extravagant party and toned down his birthday shenanigans (sort of).

'Obviously, I wouldn't have wanted to do that and become, you know, some kind of symbol of sorts of that period of time,' Schwarzman said in 2008. 'Who would ever wish that on themselves? No one.'

P.Diddy dropped $3 million on a party in November 2009 at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue. He spared no expense for his black-and-white themed affair: Combs reportedly spent almost $28,000 on what must've been the world's finest white orchids.

The day after, P.Diddy even tweeted 'I haven't had a hangover in five years! But I have one now! What do I do?'


Sir Philip Green spent an estimated $20 million on his 60th birthday party in Mexico.

Arcadia's Green invited A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson and Naomi Campbell to his four-day-long party on a Mexico beach in March. Party guests were flown to Mexico in private jets and while there, participated in a costume party, played volleyball on the beach and dined on $80 burgers.

Green even hired performers for the party like Chris Brown, Carlos Santana and Stevie Wonder -- he sang 'Happy Birthday' to Green.

One guest estimated that Green spent $20 million on the party.

The Sultan of Brunei held a $25 million 50th birthday party that Michael Jackson sang at.

In 1996, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei of Brunei threw a two-week-long, $25 million shindig for his birthday, according to CNN.

The extravagant affair began with a military march and included a polo match with Britain's Prince Charles, a 3,000-guest dinner party at the Sultan's palace, and a concert by Michael Jackson (which the Sultan reportedly paid $16 million for).

Prince Azim of Brunei spent over $100,000 on white roses for his 27th birthday party.

Not to be outdone by his father, Prince Azim threw a lavish birthday bash in June 2009 for him and three of his siblings that the Telegraph hailed as England's 'party of the year.' The party took place in a Stapleford Park country house hotel in Leicestershire and was attended by celebrity guests like Sophia Loren and Mariah Carey. Chaka Khan provided entertainment for the evening.

The royal family won't disclose how much the party cost, but it was rumoured that Azim spent over $100,000 just on white roses for the party. What's with all the expensive flowers, guys?

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov threw a lavish 35th birthday party...but it wasn't for him.

Kadyrov threw himself a massive 'multi-million pound' party in October 2011, according to the Telegraph. But Kadyrov claims the celebration wasn't for him. Instead, he said it was for the 193rd anniversary of Grozny (Chechnya's capital), but this is still up for debate.

Kadyrov invited popular celebrities like Hilary Swank and Shakira and hired British violinist Vanessa Mae to perform a concert for $500,000. The evening concluded with fireworks and a laser show.

Dennis Rodman danced with go-go dancers at his 50th birthday party.

The five-time NBA champion tore up Las Vegas in December when he hosted a party at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens in July 2011 that doubled as a launch for his WB Brand Cigar line, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

To start the night off, Rodman dined on New York strip steak, Black Angus filet and Pacific salmon, with a ridiculous Sugar Factory American Brasserie ice cream sundae for dessert. Rodman and his entourage sipped on Grey Goose and danced with Chateau's go-go dancers all night.

Rick Ross literally tossed $1 million at his 35th birthday party.

There's no better way to ring in your birthday than making it rain at a strip club -- or so rapper Rick Ross proved in February 2011.

According to the Miami New Times, Ross spent $1 million at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, then called in a Brinks truck to bring over more cash.

Ukranian billionaire Victor Pinchuk's 50th birthday party featured Cirque du Soleil.

Kim Jong-Il had an insane 70th birthday party months after he died.

Even when he is dead, Kim Jong-Il is the life of the party. According to The Guardian, North Korea celebrated the deceased leader's 70th birthday Feb. 15 in Pyongyang by unveiling a 20-foot statue of Jong-Il, holding a military parade in his honour, and etching commemorative slogans in the side of a mountain.

Of course, the celebration was capped off with fireworks.

David Bonderman's $7 million 60th birthday party featured John Mellencamp and the Rolling Stones.

The Texas Pacific Group Capital founder spared no expenses on his birthday party in 2002 at The Joint at Las Vegas' Hard Rock casino.

According to CNN, he spent $7 million dollars on the bash, most of which went to hiring John Mellencamp and the Rolling Stones for entertainment. CNN also reported that Robin Williams was the 'master of ceremonies' at the party.

50 Cent and Aerosmith performed at Elizabeth Brooks' $10 million 13th birthday party/bat mitzvah.

Former DHB Industries CEO David Brooks threw a party for Elizabeth that had 13-year-old girls around the world brimming with jealousy. Brooks rented out two rooms at NYC's Rainbow Room, then hired big-name entertainers, like Aerosmith, 50 Cent and Don Henley of The Eagles, to perform at the bash, according to ABC News. The New York Post reported that he even gave iPods and digital cameras to his guests as party favours. The party's price tag? $10 million.

In 2007, Brooks was indicted on securities fraud, insider trading, and tax evasion charges. The extravagant bat mitzvah didn't make anyone feel sorry for him.

'Right off the bat, he's going to have a problem with the jury that's going to be able to comprehend spending $10 million on a bat mitzvah, when most people won't ever see $10 million in their lifetime,' defence attorney Joe Tacopino said to ABC.

Simon Cowell's $1.6 million 50th birthday party had a shark tank.

America's favourite (brutally honest) Brit threw a $1.6 million party for his 50th birthday that the Daily Mail described as the 'who's who of the most influential people in TV and music.'

Cowell held the party in 2009 at a mansion in Hertfordshire's Wrotham Park. His 400 guests arrived in limos (on his tab) and dined on prawn and lobster martinis, fancy chicken soup, shepherd's pie, fish and chips and apple pie. Cowell also arranged for a shark tank and Rat Pack impersonators.

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