15 of the most expensive billionaire-owned yachts that have been spotted at the Cannes Film Festival

© Courtesy of The Maltese FalconBillionaires do the Cannes Film Festival in style.

Each year, the Cannes Film Festival attracts some of the world’s most famous actors, who attend glitzy premieres and A-list parties fuelled by plenty of Champagne.

As a year-round destination for yachts, the festival, which takes place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, from May 14 to 25, also brings in some of the world’s most impressive – and expensive – vessels.

Forbes is yacht-spotting live from Cannes, updating a list of more than 50 superrich yacht owners who have descended on the Côte d’Azur for the festival.

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The vessels on the list include those spotted in Monte Carlo, Cap d’Antibes, Marseilles, La Ciotat, and Saint-Tropez.

We’ve rounded up some of the most impressive billionaire yachts spotted at the Cannes Film Festival so far, ranked in ascending order by estimated cost or value.

Atlantis II — $US100 million

DarthArt / GettyAtlantis II in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Owned by the family of the shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos, this 380-foot yacht is in Monaco, according to Forbes. SuperYachtFan values it at $US100 million.

Romea — $US120 million

Yacht Harbour

The 268-foot Romea, owned by the metal billionaire and investor Alexander Nesis, can be found in La Ciotat. Its estimated value is $US120 million.

Musashi — $US130 million

Also in La Ciotat is Musashi, the Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s 287-foot yacht, which is estimated to be worth $US130 million.

Lionheart — $US150 million

Dan Istitene / Staff / GettyLionheart in Monte Carlo in 2018.

The British billionaire Philip Green is the owner of Lionheart, a 295-foot yacht worth an estimated $US150 million that can be found in Monaco.

Maltese Falcon — $US150 million

© Courtesy of The Maltese Falcon

Another superyacht with an estimated $US150 million price tag is the Maltese Falcon, a 289-foot vessel owned by the hedge fund success story Elena Ambrosiadou. Forbes spotted it in Cannes.

Aquila — $US150 million

Yacht Harbour

Both SuperYachtFan and GT Spirit estimate the 281-foot Aquila, which is in Antibes and is owned by the Walmart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke, to be worth $US150 million.

Sunrays — $US150 million

The steel and oil magnate Ravi Ruia appears to be headed for Antibes – or at least his yacht is, Forbes said. The 280-foot vessel is worth an estimated $US150 million.

Madame Gu — $US150 million

Also in Antibes is Madame Gu, which belongs to the steel billionaire Andrei Skoch. Clocking in at an impressive 325 feet, the yacht has an estimated cost of up to $US150 million.

Lady Lara — $US160 million

Anadolu Agency / Contributor / GettyLady Lara in Mugla, Turkey in July 2017.

Breaking the $US150 million mark is Lady Lara, owned by the metal and energy billionaire Alexander Machkevitch. The 299-foot yacht,worth an estimated $US160 million, was spotted on its way to Antibes.

Tatoosh — $US160 million

Dean Purcell/Getty

Also valued at an estimated $US160 million is Tatoosh, a 303-foot yacht owned by the estate of the Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. It was recently spotted in Marseilles.

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Rising Sun — $US300 million

Portland Press Herald / Contributor / GettyDavid Geffen’s yacht, Rising Sun, in Portland in September 2013.

David Geffen, the film magnate, producer, and studio executive, is the owner of the Rising Sun, a 454-foot superyacht enjoying the sun in Cannes.

The vessel cost $US200 million to build, according to Club Yacht, but is now valued at $US300 million, according to Yacht Harbour.

Sailing Yacht A — $US480 million

The 469-foot Sailing Yacht A is hard to miss, as anyone who spotted it on its way to Antibes has surely discovered.

One of the largest private sailing yachts in the world, it’s owned by a Russian billionaire named Andrey Melnichenko and has been estimated to be worth a whopping $US480 million.

Its masts are taller than Big Ben, and among its features are eight decks, a free-floating spiral staircase, a huge swimming pool, and an underwater observation pod.

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Serene — $US500 million

Phil Walter / Staff / GettySerene in Auckland, New Zealand, in January 2015.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the owner of the 439-foot Serene vessel, which Forbes spotted heading to Monaco.

Prince Mohammed reportedly dropped $US500 million on the superyacht in late 2016 after seeing it while vacationing in the south of France.

It has two helipads, an indoor climbing wall, a fully equipped spa, and three swimming pools.

Eclipse — $US590 million

picture alliance / Contributor / GettyEclipse in the port of Gibraltar, United Kingdom, in May 2016.

Roman Abramovich, a steel and investment billionaire who owns Chelsea FC, is the owner of the 533-foot superyacht Eclipse, perhaps one of the most recognisable in the world.

While its initial cost was estimated at about $US590 million, later valuations rocketed up to an incredible $US1.5 billion.

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Dilbar — $US600 million

Vyacheslav Prokofyev / Contributor / GettyThe Dilbar yacht in Sochi, Russia.

The most expensive yacht on this list, Dilbar is owned by the steel and telecoms tycoon Alisher Usmanov, according to Forbes.

The 512-foot yacht’s estimated cost is between $US600 million and $US1 billion.

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