The 17 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone And iPad In The World

Apple’s App Store is dominated by free and cheap apps.

However, there are more expensive options in the store, too.

While compiling this list, we realised that there are more super-expensive apps that we thought.

They show the App Store can be a really big software market for a number of different industries.

Surprisingly, others are poorly designed gimmicks and don’t justify the sky-high price.

Despite that, these apps show the long term potential of iPhones and iPads to up end lots and lots of markets. 

$99.99 — Sexy Finger Print Test HD lets you find out your 'sexy score.' The app claims it can tell you the perfect time to meet members of the opposite sex. The app says you should use it once a day to get results in 30 seconds.

Price: $99.99

$219.99 — Water Globe's app is just a set of interactive screen toys. You can play around with globes and make them snow, change gravity, and snowflake size.

Price: $219.99

$249.99 — BizjetMobile is an app that lets corporate and VIP aircraft passengers, and crew, connect their iPhone or iPad to the aircraft's satellite phone and data link. You can then send emails, make phone calls, and text messages.

Price: $249.99

$299.99 — TouchChat AAC with WordPower is a full-featured communication app for people who have difficulty using their natural voice. Specifically, the app is for those who have Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, and other conditions that affect a person's ability to speak.

Price: $299.99

$299.99 — SafeSession Voice encryption is an app that lets you make secure VoIP calls over the internet. The company says your calls are protected by voice encryption algorithms.

Price: $299.99

$349.99 — Barcelona vs Madrid is a game that pits the huge rival soccer clubs against each other. The graphics look great, but we're not sure why this app is so expensive.

Price: $349.99

$399.99 — Tap Menu is a picture based app for restaurants, hotels, shops, and other companies that makes your menu, book, or any other medium digitally visual.

Price: $399.99

$399.99 — iDIA - Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal is an app that assists veterinarians with overviews of conditions affecting animals.

Price: $399.99

$499.99 — Mighty Brace Pro is an app for orthodontists. The app is filled with child-friendly, animated videos to demo proper oral hygiene and diet. There are gestures and games that make learning fun.

Price: $499.99

$499.99 — DDS GP Yes! is an app for dentists. It helps professionals show patients specific treatment plans in a neat presentation.

Price: $499.99

$999.99 — BarMax CA was created by a Harvard Law School alumni to help aspiring lawyers pass the California bar exam. There are more than 50 hours of audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors, and a ton more information to help students ace the test.

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — The Alchemist SMS isn't a crazy new way to send text messages. It's actually a utility app for steel and scrap metal recycling in order to reduce costs.

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — Alpha-Trader is a global trading suite for investment pros. The app gives real-time stock prices, price alerts, portfolio risk indications, asset correlation and asset category charts.

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — MobiGage NDI is an app made for inspecting manufactured parts and assemblies. It has the ability to create, edit, and run measurement plans.

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — Agro helps agronomists by taking the headache out of filing paperwork and keeping track of inspections, chemicals, crops, and pests on a farm.

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — Yikes lets you keep track of Flag Football stats for all passing leagues and is made specially for the company's website. Keeping track of flag football leagues has never been more ... expensive?

Price: $999.99

$999.99 — VIP Black is known as 'The Millionaire's App.' Users get VIP treatment from the company's luxury partners. Once you purchase the app, you have to verify that your assets are above $1 million to be accepted.

Price: $999.99

Now check out some apps that wipe the floor with the one's Apple made ...

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