Celebrate National Chocolate Day with these decadent desserts from around the world

  • Chocolate is rich, sweet, and pairs well with almost anything.
  • It’s one of the most universally beloved desserts in the whole world.
  • Each country has a chocolate dish, from gooey kladdkaka in Sweden to airy puff puffs in Nigeria.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Chocolate is rich, sweet, and pairs well with almost anything. It’s one of the most universally beloved desserts in the whole world. From brigadeiro in Brazil to tiramisu in Italy, we’re taking a look at chocolate desserts around the world.

Belgium is literally the chocolate capital of the world, a title it’s held since 1912, when a pharmacist put some almond paste inside a chocolate couverture to sell to patients. These days, Belgians have perfected the treat, packing tempered chocolate with all kinds of delicious fillings from dried fruit and nuts to caramel to sweet creams.

Schwarzwälder kirschtorte, or Black Forest cake, gets its name from the sour cherry kirsch that’s soaked into each layer of dark chocolate cake. Kirsch-soaked black cherries are layered between fresh whipped cream, before the cake is topped with fresh cherries and dark chocolate shavings for a bittersweet and boozy slice.

Champurrado is Mexican hot chocolate brewed with a cinnamon stick, thickened with masa, and sweetened with a pinch of piloncillo for an ultra-thick, rich cup of cocoa that’s perfect for cozying up on cold nights.

Brigadeiros are named after a 1940s Brazilian political candidate who was known for being quite the looker. This chocolaty dessert was created for his fundraisers. A combination of sweetened condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder create a sweet, gooey ball that’s rolled in chocolate sprinkles for a tiny snack.

Notoriously one of the most difficult desserts to nail, chocolate soufflés date back all the way to 1783. The delicate dessert combines melted dark chocolate with fluffy egg whites, sugar, and egg yolk, then it’s baked until risen perfectly for a sweet, airy treat.

In Nigeria, puff puffs are not only a go-to street food but an essential party snack. Chocolate puff puffs combine cocoa powder with a yeasted dough full of nutmeg and cardamom, which is rolled into a ball and deep-fried. The finished doughnut is crisp, yet stretchy and chewy.

Babka originated in Poland when leftover challah dough was combined with fillings on Passover, though it wasn’t until large populations of Jewish people moved to New York that chocolate became the go-to filling. The layered bread is fluffy yet dense and perfect anytime of the day, from breakfast to midnight snack.

Nama alludes to the freshness of this chocolate treat. Fresh cream is mixed into dark chocolate to form a thick ganache, which is refrigerated before it’s sliced into squares and dusted with a heavy coating of cocoa powder. It should be served slightly chilled for a decadent, creamy bite that melts in the mouth.

Tiramisu combines coffee and chocolate for the perfectly bittersweet after-dinner treat. The layered Italian dessert starts with a row of crisp ladyfingers soaked in coffee and rum, followed by a thick coating of creamy, nutty mascarpone cheese, and finished with a blanket of cocoa powder.

Four whole decades older than chocolate chip cookies, the brownie is a staple dessert forany occasion, from barbecues to school lunches to weddings. Whether you prefer them dense & cakey or fudgy & gooey, brownies use powdered and/ or melted chocolate for the perfect portable treat.

South Africa
Malva is a sweet, pillowy South African dessert that doesn’t have to include cocoa, but does if you want that extra-chocolaty richness. In addition to standard cake ingredients, you’ll find apricot jam, orange zest, and a thin semi-sweet chocolate sauce.
Like all great puddings, it’s served with a scoop of ice cream.

A three-layer, no-bake dessert, Nanaimo bars are about the most decadent treats to whip up.The crunchy base is made with cocoa powder, graham crackers, almonds, and coconut. The middle layer packs sweetness with a mix of cream and vanilla custard, and it’s all topped off with a shiny chocolate ganache.

In Swedish, kladdkaka means “sticky cake,” which is the perfect description for this gooey chocolate cake. The simple, one-pot recipe incorporates melted chocolate into eggs, sugar, wheat flour, and a ton of butter for a molten, sticky slice of heaven that’s served during a daily coffee break called fika.

If you’ve ever visited the Caribbean, it’s almost guaranteed you left with black cake, also known as rum cake. A chocolate rum cake incorporates melted unsweetened chocolate into the batter along with dark rum and coffee. Once it’s baked and chilled, the cake is doused in even more dark rum.

Mosaic cake is a go-to after-dinner dessert in Turkey. Shortbread biscuits called petit beurre are pounded into small squares, then combined with sugar, butter, cocoa powder, and bitter chocolate. The mixture is poured into a loaf pan before the biscuits are baked and sliced, revealing the tiled pattern inside.

Lamingtons were created in the late 1800s in honor of the governor of Queensland, and these days afternoon tea isn’t complete without them. Raspberry jam is sandwiched between two fluffy pieces of vanilla sponge, then the cake is cut into small squares, covered in a thin, sweet chocolate icing, and rolled in desiccated coconut.

So, which chocolate desserts do you want to try? Are there any we missed?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was originally published in July 2021.