MOST DANGEROUS JOBS LIST: Working In Retail Can Be A Fatal Career Move'

Shoppers ‘fight’ for a retail bargain. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Who would have thought? Working in retail can be dangerous for your health, with jobs research revealing the industry suffered almost as many fatalities in one year as the mining industry.

Plenty of Australians have to drive vehicles or lift things as part of their job, but many don’t realise just how dangerous their work can be.

Using data from 2012, Australia’s top 10 most dangerous jobs were identified by life insurance comparisons website Life Insurance Finder and some of the professions with the highest risk aren’t what you might expect.

“You may not think that a sales assistant has a dangerous job, but when we found that there were 11,206 serious injuries including six fatalities in the one year, it’s not surprising that it made the list,” Michelle Hutchinson of said.

“Driving, explosions, contact with chemicals and being trapped between stationary and moving objects were the most common causes of death in retail trade.”

Truckies, commercial fisherman and defence personnel hold some of Australia’s most dangerous professions, with their respective industries accounting for more than 130 deaths in the 12 months to December 30, 2012.

There were 65 transport and storage workers killed on the job in that year, accounting for almost one-third (29%) of all workplace fatalities.

Australia’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Agriculture, forestry and fishing was the second most dangerous industry to work in, with 53 fatalities and almost 4,000 serious injury claims, while construction rounded out the top three, tallying 30 Australian deaths and 12,485 workplace-related injuries for the year.

The most common cause of death across all industries were vehicle crashes – averaging one in three (33%) fatalities – while health and community services workers sustained the most injuries on the job.

Other perilous professions included manufacturing, mining, professional, scientific and technical services.

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