The 14 Most Creative Ways College Students Drink Beer

For most students, beer is an inescapable part of the college experience. Regardless of whether you’re drinking a bottle from a craft brewery or cans out of a cheap 30 rack, the frothy libation is seemingly everywhere.

In order to battle the monotony of massive beer consumption, college students have developed some pretty great ways to drink. That these methods may get you drunk faster is just an unexpected side effect, we’ll assume.

From beer pong to beer bongs, we’ve compiled the most creative and ridiculous ways college students drink their beverage of choice. Who knows, you might be inspired to try some of these yourself.

Edward Fortyhands

Named after the popular Johnny Depp movie 'Edward Scissorhands,' Edward Fortyhands participants have each hand duct taped to a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. The duct tape is only removed after the bottle is completely consumed.


Shotgunning occurs by puncturing a hole in the side of a beer can, covering the hole with your mouth, and opening the top tab to force the beer out by creating air pressure. Science!

Ice Luge

In an ice luge, beer is poured down the carved piece of ice into an eagerly awaiting mouth.

Shoot the Boot

Originally a rugby tradition, in shoot the boot beer is drunk out of a used shoe -- the more disgusting the better.

Beer Pong

Arguably the best known drinking game, beer pong is played by teams of two each armed with 10 cups filled partially with beer. The goal is to throw a ping pong ball into their opponent's' cups, which then must be consumed and removed from the table. The first team to land a ball in each of their opponent's cups wins.


Substitute beer for milk in your morning cereal bowl to create beerios, the true breakfast of champions.

Beer Bong

A beer bong is a funelling device that channels beer through a series of tubes into the mouths of one or more drinkers.

Dizzy Bat

In dizzy bat, a can of beer is consumed through a wiffle ball bat, which is then used to stabilise the drinker as they spin around 10 times with the bat placed between their forehead and the ground. After spinning, the drinker must attempt to hit a crushed beer can with the wiffle ball bat.


T-wolfers consume their beer by biting out a piece of the side of a beer can and drinking directly from the hole they've created.

Keg Stand

One of the most recognisable signs of heavy alcohol consumption, the keg stand participant is hoisted in the air by two or more people and steadies themself on the keg while drinking a continuous stream of beer sprouting forth from the valve.

Das Boot

Das boot -- 'the boat' in German -- is a boot-shaped drinking vessel that will spill beer all over the drinker if it is not expertly turned as an air bubble hits the heel.

Shower Beer

A shower beer is, quite simply, a cold beer consumed while taking a hot shower.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is a team-based game in which two lines of drinkers pair up across a table and chug beer down a line. Once the person before you has finished their beer and successfully flipped the cup off of the edge of the table into an upside down position by hitting the bottom of the cup, you repeat the process with your beer.

Power Hour

A power hour consists of 60 minutes of continuous drinking, usually accompanied by a special playlist featuring minute-long clips of songs. Participants take a shot of beer every time the changes.

Think all this drinking may have an effect on college students?

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