The 25 most conservative colleges in America

BYU Photo/FacebookBrigham Young University is one of the most conservative colleges in the United States, but it didn’t take the No. 1 spot.
  • Niche ranked the most conservative colleges in America as part of its annual series of college rankings.
  • Most of the top 25 are private Christian colleges.
  • The South is the most represented region on the list.

As part of its annual series of school rankings, Niche ranked hundreds of American colleges on a scale from most conservative to most liberal.

The most conservative colleges in the country are mostly small, Christian-affiliated schools, although a few public schools make appearances near the top of the list, too.

It also may not come as a surprise that most of the schools in the top 25 are in the Southeast, the most conservative region in the United States. Utah, another conservative stronghold and headquarters of the Mormon Church, also has several entries on the list.

Niche based its rankings on surveys from students at each school, and factored in both the political leanings of the students and the survey-takers’ impressions of the political leanings of the rest of the student body.

Read on to find out which school is the most conservative in America.

25. Grove City College — Grove City, Pennsylvania

Grove City College

Acceptance rate: 82%

Tuition: $US17,254

SAT range: 1060-1325

24. Lee University — Cleveland, Tennessee

Facebook/Lee University

Acceptance rate: 87%

Tuition: $US16,730

SAT range: 920-1180

23. Anderson University — Anderson, South Carolina

Wikimedia Commons/Excel23

Acceptance rate: 54%

Tuition: $US26,970

SAT range: 930-1145

22. Southeastern University — Lakeland, Florida

Facebook/Southeastern University

Acceptance rate: 46%

Tuition: $US25,360

SAT range: 840-1090

21. University of North Georgia — Dahlonega, Georgia

Facebook/university of north georgia

Acceptance rate: 75%

Tuition: $US5,569 (in-state), $US19,657 (out-of-state)

SAT range: 820-1020

20. Weber State University — Ogden, Utah

Weber State University

Acceptance rate: 100%

Tuition: $US5,712 (in-state), $US15,260 (out-of-state)

SAT range: N/A

19. University of Mississippi — Oxford, Mississippi

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Acceptance rate: 78%

Tuition: $US8,300 (in-state), $US23,564 (out-of-state)

SAT range: 1000-1230

18. Evangel University — Springfield, Missouri

Evangel University

Acceptance rate: 75%

Tuition: $US10,750

SAT range: 910-1130

17. Southwestern Assemblies of God University — Waxahachie, Texas

Facebook/Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Acceptance rate: 23%

Tuition: $US19,994

SAT range: 800-1030

16. Cornerstone University — Grand Rapids, Michigan

Facebook/Cornerstone University

Acceptance rate: 36%

Tuition: $US14,451 (in-state), $US42,465 (out-of-state)

SAT range: 1120-1390

15. Samford University — Birmingham, Alabama

Facebook/Samford University

Acceptance rate: 91%

Tuition: $US30,490

SAT range: 1020-1238

14. Oklahoma Christian University — Edmond, Oklahoma

Facebook/Oklahoma Christian University

Acceptance rate: 61%

Tuition: $US21,670

SAT range: 940-1220

13. Ouachita Baptist University — Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Facebook/Ouachita Baptist University

Acceptance rate: 67%

Tuition: $US25,870

SAT range: 950-1200

12. LeTourneau University — Longview, Texas

Facebook/LeTourneau University

Acceptance rate: 44%

Tuition: $US29,320

SAT range: 1030-1280

11. Oral Roberts University — Tulsa, Oklahoma

Acceptance rate: 68%

Tuition: $US26,792

SAT range: 890-1128

10. Biola University — La Mirada, California

Facebook/Biola University

Acceptance rate: 65%

Tuition: $US38,448

SAT range: 950-1220

9. Maranatha Baptist University — Watertown, Wisconsin

Facebook/Maranatha Baptist University

Acceptance rate: 68%

Tuition: $US21,910

SAT range: 875-1125

8. Utah State University — Logan, Utah

Utah State University

Acceptance rate: 90%

Tuition: $US7,870 (in-state), $US21,520 (out-of-state)

SAT range: 980-1220

7. Colorado Christian University — Lakewood, Colorado

Facebook/Colorado Christian University

Acceptance rate: 94%

Tuition: $US21,856

SAT range: N/A

6. Franciscan University of Steubenville — Steubenville, Ohio

Facebook/Franciscan University of Steubenville

Acceptance rate: 90%

Tuition: $US26,430

SAT range: 1040-1300

5. Bob Jones University — Greenville, South Carolina

Facebook/Bob Jones University

Acceptance rate: 87%

Tuition: $US16,500

SAT range: 900-1210

4. Cedarville University — Cedarville, Ohio

Facebook/Cedarville University

Acceptance rate: 69%

Tuition: $US29,156

SAT range: 1080-1310

3. Brigham Young University — Provo, Utah

George Frey/Getty Images

Acceptance rate: 51%

Tuition: $US5,620

SAT range: 1160-1380

2. Brigham Young University–Idaho — Rexburg, Idaho

Facebook/Brigham Young University–Idaho

Acceptance rate: 96%

Tuition: $US4,018

SAT range: 900-1110

1. Liberty University — Lynchburg, Virginia

Facebook/Liberty University

Acceptance rate: 24%

Tuition: $US21,310

SAT range: 950-1190

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