Here are the injuries most likely to keep football players out of a big game

It’s fall and that means it’s football season, with all the weekend tailgates and gamewatches that come with it.

But as you’ve probably noticed if you’re rooting for your alma mater to finally make the college football playoff or if you’ve got a fantasy team, football players get hurt — a lot.

To see what injuries keep college athletes out of a game, the sports science experts at Kitman Labs last year broke down a college football injury report. We’ve taken that data to create the graphic you see here.

A current injury report varies slightly from this one, as each report is just a snapshot of a particular time, but still shows similar results, with tons of knee injuries. (A NFL report may differ in other ways.)

Concussions weren’t included in Kitman’s original report, but a current injury report shows 23 players out with concussions, slightly fewer than the 33 out for shoulder trouble. Right now 155 college players are out with knee or ACL injuries.

Knowing which injuries are most common can help teams try to strengthen muscles supporting those body parts, though a high impact sport like football is always going to be inherently dangerous.

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