The 16 most cliché Halloween costumes of 2016

Harley QuinnGetty/Mike CoppolaHarley Quinn will be very common this year.

Halloween is right around the corner,
which means that you’re probably desperately searching for last-minute costume ideas. But that’s no excuse for being unoriginal.
Every year, there are those costumes that you can’t seem to escape. How many Pizza Rats and “Hotline Bling” Drakes did you see last year? Exactly.

Here are 16 pop-culture costumes to avoid if you don’t want to look like everyone else.

Harambe had some serious longevity as a meme, but you'll still get a ton of eye rolls if you stroll into a party wearing a gorilla costume and holding a toy doll.

A Donald Trump costume may seem like a good idea, but you might get some angry stares.

Hillary Clinton is just too obvious a choice to be acceptable this Halloween.

Literally every election joke you can think of has likely already been thought of. No one will be laughing at your 'Trump supporter costume.'

Ken Bone had his 15 minutes, and they're over as well.

We've seen plenty of creepy clowns in the news. And while it may seem like a natural fit for your costume, consider how many others have probably thought the same thing.

Beyonce is one of the most popular musicians in the world. She'll definitely inspire more than a few lookalikes this holiday.

Don't even think about throwing on your white Vans and calling it a costume. This low-effort costume will be everywhere.

DJ Khaled rose to Snapchat prominence this year, which will lead to a lot of lookalikes on October 31st.

'Stranger Things' was this year's smash hit, which means there will be a lot of Barbs and Elevens running around.

Lochtegate is still fresh in everyone's minds, and it would be an easy target to poke fun at with your costume.

'Suicide Squad' wasn't a good movie, and its characters make an even worse costume.

You may want to pay homage to David Bowie with your own cover, but think about how many people will likely do the same.

The same goes for Prince.

Pokemon Go came and went, so don't think dressing up as a trainer is a good idea.

Star Wars fever has dialed back a little, but the last movie didn't come out until after Halloween last year, so you'll probably see a lot of Reys and Kylo Rens. Let the kids have their fun, but as an adult you should be more creative.

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