The 20 Most Beloved CEOs In America

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Can’t stand the big boss at work? Try getting a job at LinkedIn, Facebook, or Starbucks. Employees at these companies claim to have three of America’s most beloved CEOs.

That’s according to a new report by Glassdoor, an online jobs and careers community. The 2014 Highest-Rated CEOs report relied solely on the input of employees who elected to participate anonymously in an online company review survey. Respondents were asked to rate their CEO and say whether or not they approve of the way he or she is leading the company.

To be eligible for the final ranking, each CEO had to have at least 100 approval ratings, senior management ratings, and company ratings between February 2013 and February 2014.

“There are some common traits that these highest-rated CEOs share,” says Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor’s community expert. “For instance, we see that employees say these CEOs communicate clearly on where the company is headed, how it’s going to get there, and how each employee plays a vital role on this path, along with being accessible, personable, and transparent to employees. These CEOs also know how to motivate their employees and rally the troops to get the job done.”

Dobroski says there’s a strong correlation between highly rated CEOs and high employment satisfaction at their respective companies. “This isn’t necessarily a surprise because leadership and company culture comes from the top down, starting with the CEO. When employees approve of the way their CEO is leading the company, it tends to mean that they respect them, appreciate them, and want to work hard for them, which can lead to business success and growth.”

No. 20: Bob Iger

Company: The Walt Disney Company

CEO Approval Rating: 91%

Employee Testimonial: 'Stable company, strong leadership, strong vision, strong values.' -- Disney Marketing Manager (Lake Buena Vista, Fla.)

No. 18: Fred Smith

Company: FedEx

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

Employee Testimonial: 'One of the most admired companies with global reputation and strong C-level leadership.' -- FedEx EB2 (Dallas, Texas)

No. 17: Tim Cook

Company: Apple

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

Employee Testimonial: 'You feel like everything you do has a direct impact and you're a stakeholder. The VPs and CEO are not removed either. It's common to see them eating lunch on campus amongst everyone else.' --
Apple Front End Engineer (Cupertino, Calif.)

No. 16: Mickey Drexler

Company: J. Crew

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

Employee Testimonial: 'Pros include benefits, holiday incentives, workplace events, and all-around great leadership from supervisors and management.' -- J. Crew Employee (location, n/a)

No. 15: Joe Echevarria

Company: Deloitte

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

Employee Testimonial: 'Senior leadership is approachable and realises that although life-balance is a challenge they encourage to disconnect when possible.'
-- Deloitte Manager (Atlanta, Ga.)

No. 14: Edward 'Ned' Johnson, III

Company: Fidelity Investments

CEO Approval Rating: 93%

Employee Testimonial: 'Tons of support, great leadership, plenty of room for career growth.' -- Fidelity Investments Financial Representative (Westlake, Texas)

No. 13: Jerry Kennelly

Company: Riverbed Technology

CEO Approval Rating: 93%

Employee Testimonial: 'Jerry is a fantastic CEO with tons of enthusiasm and energy. Very personable and cares greatly about his company and people. Couldn't possibly be any nicer of a human being running a $US1B company on this earth.' -- Riverbed Technology Sales (San Francisco, Calif.)

No. 10: Larry Page

Company: Google

CEO Approval Rating: 93%

Employee Testimonial: 'Larry wants us to keep the soul of a startup, even though we no longer are one. In some teams, like the ones I've been on, this has been possible -- going from an idea to millions of users on a new product in < 2 years.' -- Google Software Engineer (location, n/a)

No. 8: Howard D. Schultz

Company: Starbucks

CEO Approval Rating: 93%

Employee Testimonial: 'Good senior management, competitive pay for managers, work life balance.' -- Starbucks Store Manager (San Diego, Calif.)

No. 7: Lloyd Blankfein

Company: Goldman Sachs

CEO Approval Rating: 94%

Employee Testimonial: 'Opportunities for leadership. Strong management team. Great co-workers.' -- Goldman Sachs Financial Associate (Salt Lake City, Utah)

No. 2: Alan Mulally

Company: Ford

CEO Approval Rating: 97%

Employee Testimonial: 'Alan is a great CEO breaking down many barriers between groups so we can all work more as one team.' -- Ford Motor Employee (Dearborn, Mich.)

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