Most Australian Finance Workers 'Want A New Job'


Recruitment company Profusion Group has released its Banking and Financial Services Survey, which shows that 54% of respondents across the sector are actively looking for a job.

But if you think that means that almost half are happy where they are, think again. Profusion Group said that 38% of the people they surveyed are not actively looking, but are open to new employment opportunities.

We predict that the industry can expect retention issues in 2013. From an employer’s perspective, understanding and addressing what is triggering employee dissatisfaction is crucial for retaining the best talent,” said Profusion Boss Rod Jones.

Those surveyed said they wanted out because there was a lack of career opportunities, the work wasn’t challenging and they didn’t get paid enough. On top of this, three quarters said they’d leave finance if the right job caught their fancy.

“As nine out of ten employees are at risk of being head hunted by competitors or to other industries, now is a good time for employers to consider how they might hold on to and engage their top performers while potentially encouraging others to find new opportunities,” Jones said.

Check out the full results here.

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