The 5 most anticipated TV shows returning in November

Netlix‘House of Cards’

Some fan-favourite TV series are returning in November, as the year winds to a close.

Every month, Business Insider looks at the most anticipated returning shows thanks to data from television-tracking app TV Time, based on its 13 million global users.

In November, the final season of “House of Cards” (without Kevin Spacey) premieres on Netflix, along with the fourth season of “Outlander” on Starz.

5. “StartUp” (Season 3) – Sony Crackle, November 1


Description:“After a year of extraordinary growth, ArakNet’s unregulated network becomes the target of NSA Agent Rebecca Stroud (Mira Sorvino) who vows to infiltrate it at any cost. The arrival of this new adversary, coupled with the mysterious return of Izzy from her ill-fated journey to Cuba, creates an extraordinary pressure cooker and ultimately turns our heroes against one another. A desperate banker, a Haitian-American gang lord, and a Cuban-American hacker are forced to work together to unwittingly create their version of the American dream – organised crime 2.0.”

4. “Room 104” (Season 2) – HBO, November 9

Room 104HBO

Description: “An anthology series set in a single hotel room, where every guest who comes to stay reveals a unique set of circumstances and quirks. From the Duplass Brothers.”

3. “Mars” (Season 2) – National Geographic, November 12

MarsNational Geographic

Description:“The story of the quest to colonize Mars as told from the perspective of the crew of a fictitious mission in 2033.”

2. “Outlander” (Season 4) – Starz, November 4


Description: “Season Four of ‘Outlander’ continues the story of time-travel 1960’s Claire Fraser and her 18th century husband Jamie Fraser as they try to make a home for themselves in the rough and dangerous ‘New World’ of America.”

1. “House of Cards” (Season 6) – Netflix, November 2

House of cardsNetflix

Description:“Ruthless Congressman Francis Underwood will stop at nothing to ascend the ranks of power in Washington, D.C., in this wicked political drama.”

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