The Most Annoying Commercial On Financial TV

We thought it couldn’t get any worse than the high pitched squeals of the GEICO pig. But no, we stand corrected.

About a week ago, a new commercial appeared on financial TV with a jingle that prompts a collective cringe from everyone in our office who, like many of our readers, watches financial TV (Bloomberg/CNBC) all day long.

The commercial is for HP’s Office Jet Printer. At first we heard it and thought — wow, what a fun song — all of that changed when we realised that it was going to be played during every commercial break for what seems like the rest of eternity.

We have no idea as to the quality of the product advertised, but since this commercial’s annoying jingle seems to have the ability to drill holes into our brains, we haven’t the patience to look into it.

If you haven’t seen the commercial here it is:

(And by the way, it’s worth noting that the jingle is actually a song by Bananarama. So our sincere thanks goes out to them too.)

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