Most Alabama And Mississippi Republicans Think Obama Is A Muslim And Doubt Evolution

Alabama religion evolution mississippi

With the Alabama and Mississippi primary just a  day away, Public Policy Polling released a poll with some startling results about the President’s religion and evolution.

When Alabama Republicans were asked if they thought Barack Obama was a Christian, Muslim, or were unsure, just 14 per cent said they thought Obama was a Christian. Of the rest, 45 per cent said he was a Muslim, and 41 per cent weren’t sure. 

Mississippi voters shared similar views. 

Just 12 per cent of voters said they believe Obama is a Christian, while 52 per cent said he was a Muslim and 36 per cent were unsure.

In both states a majority of Republican voters also said they don’t believe in Evolution. In Alabama, 60 per cent of Republicans said they don’t believe in Evolution, and 66 per cent of Mississippi voters doubt the theory. 

Currently the PPP has Newt Gingrich leading in Mississippi with 33 per cent and Romney leading in Alabama with 31 per cent. 

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