Mossberg: BlackBerry Storm 2 Is A Total Snooze

Research In Motion’s (RIMM) second attempt at the Storm isn’t much better than its first, says Walt Mossberg.The Storm 2 will come out in November, costing $200. It doesn’t look like it’s going to shake up the smartphone market much. The phone fixes all the flaws of the first Storm–no goofy click screen, it has wi-fi, slight interface upgrades–but Mossberg doesn’t have much positive to say about it:

Overall, I found the Storm2 worked well in my tests. Battery life was decent, with 5.5 hours of claimed talk time, and typing was much improved, though I doubt it will satisfy lovers of physical keyboards.

The browser is still inferior to Apple’s, Google’s and Palm’s. And the traditional BlackBerry interface cries out for a major overhaul in a touch device like this, especially when you add a lot of apps. RIM’s menu and folder metaphor seems tired on this device.

…The super-smart-phone war is still in its early stages. There are more and even better devices on the way, and Apple will have plenty of clever competition.

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