Mossberg Shreds The Nook, Calls It 'Annoying'

walt mossberg

The Nook isn’t just stumbling out the gates, it’s falling flat on its face.

Walt Mossberg, the Journal’s gadget guru, roasts Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, saying it has promise, but was “rushed to market before it was fully ready.” He recommends waiting on purchasing a Nook because, “It’s not fully baked yet.”


This follows David Pogue’s evisceration of the device earlier for the Times.

Not good for Nook, and not good for anyone getting one as a present this holiday season. Awesome for Amazon, though.

Barnes & Noble told both gadget gods it will update the software and iron out the wrinkles.

Here’s Walt:

During my tests, I found the Nook slower, more cumbersome to use and less polished than the Kindle. I ran into various crashes and bugs. And, while the Kindle’s navigation system isn’t exactly world class, it ran circles around the Nook’s, despite the great possibilities offered by the latter’s use of the touch screen.

The Nook may be wonderful one day, but, as of today, it’s no match for the Kindle, despite advantages such as lending, because it’s more annoying to use.

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