MOSSBERG: The IPhone 6 Is The Best Smartphone You Can Buy

Walt Mossberg iPhone 6 ReviewRecodeMossberg said the iPhone 6 is a terrific phone.

The first iPhone 6 reviews are out — and they’re predictably very strong.

One of the most influential reviewers, Re/code’s Walt Mossberg, was among the first journalists to receive a test unit. Mossberg reviewed the iPhone 6 (not the 6 Plus), which he called “the more mainstream of the two models.”

He said it’s the best smartphone you can buy. Call that a ringing endorsement.

Mossberg addressed one of the key areas for concern for any iPhone user: battery life.

You won’t be hunting for a plug, Mossberg says. The iPhone 6 lasted 14 to 15 hours during his testing.

Mossberg’s qualms with the smartphone were few. He said the form factor can be slippery until you get used to it. His test unit also had issues pairing the iPhone’s Bluetooth to his car.

But those concerns are minor. Mossberg’s review is glowing and should nudge anyone who’s considering buying an iPhone in the right direction.

Read the full review here>>

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