MOSSBERG: HP TouchPad “No Match” For The iPad

HP Touchpad

[credit provider=”Robert Scoble”]

The HP Touchpad is “no match” for the iPad, says gadget guru Walt Mossberg of All Things D.It doesn’t have enough apps to make it worth buying, and the hardware is pretty weak. The software has some nice touches but it’s still pretty buggy. 

Here are the key takeaways from Mossberg:

  • “I’ve been testing the TouchPad for about a week and, in my view, despite its attractive and different user interface, this first version is simply no match for the iPad. It suffers from poor battery life, a paucity of apps and other deficits.”
  • “But the tablet’s hardware is bulbous and heavy compared with the iPad 2 or the svelte Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, an Android tablet. Worse, it’s missing some key features common on the other tablets, like a rear camera or even a camera app for taking videos and still pictures. It has a front camera that can be used only for video chats.”
  • “I also ran into plenty of bugs in my tests, even though H-P said I was testing a production unit. For instance, on various occasions, the email app failed to display the contents of messages, the photos app failed to display pictures, and the game “Angry Birds” crashed repeatedly. All of these problems required a reboot of the device to resolve.”