A Russian Mother Who Put Her Baby In The Middle Of A Dark Highway Street Has Been Jailed

Highway Night

Photo: Flickr/mudpig

Unfortunately, stories of mothers trying to rid themselves of their children are not unique in today’s news. But, the tactic used by 24-year-old Russian Elena Osina may be. In May 2011, Osina and her 21-year-old brother Aleksandr hatched up and carried out a plan to place Osina’s 11-month-old baby, Roma, in the middle of a sparsely lit curve on a Moscow highway in the middle of the night, according to RT.

Fortunately, the first driver to pass by saw the bundle and stopped before the infant was struck. Both Osina and her brother were soon thereafter arrested.

Though Osina and her brother claimed to have put the baby there so it would be picked up, their excuse was given little credence — they were sentenced to eight and nine years in jail for attempted murder, respectively, according to RT.  

Apparently, the Osina family, including Elena, her brother, her parents, and her two sons, were so poor that they were forced to in a two-by-four meter container for the past several years. According to the AP, Elena concedes that putting the baby on the motorway was a “mistake”, but she said that the sentence was harsh.

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