Photos From This Weekend's Sub-Zero Protests In Moscow

Russia Moscow Protests

Photo: AP

Despite Russia being hit by the deadly cold snap that has wrecked havoc in Europe this week, Russians still took to the streets on Saturday to call for fair elections and an end to Putin rule.The protests were the continuation of a movement that began after the Russian Duma election in November. A smaller pro-Putin rally was also held.

The European cold snap is said to have killed 300 so far.

The temperature was around -20 degrees C. (-4 F) on the day.

However organiser estimates suggest 120,000 people turned up to protest against Putin.

Demonstrators gather on the street.

Russian Interior Ministry troops braved the cold too.

White balloons were used by the protestors to signal non-violence.

A woman smiles by anti-Putin cards (which appear to be held on Badminton rackets).

Russian opposition figures tear up a picture of Vladimir Putin

Fur hats seem to have been a popular, and practical fashion choice.

Older generations came out too.

A nice Futurama reference

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