People in Russia are renting out grounded private jets by the hour just to take Instagram photos -- here's what it costs

Most Instagram stars have at least one glamorous shot on a private jet.

And now even ordinary people can fake a lavish lifestyle by hiring a grounded private jet as a backdrop for their Instagram snaps — well, at least in Russia they can.

Moscow-based Private Jet Studio is selling two-hour photo shoots aboard the Gulfstream G650 private jet for $325 with a personal photographer included, or $255 without.

If you’d prefer a video of your experience, you can pay $A575 for a two-hour spot.

You can also hire a team of hair and makeup professionals to polish your look beforehand.

The shoots give the effect that you are in the air, but the jet is in fact grounded the entire time.

Guests can quaff champagne while feigning to admire the view from the window.

People have even been taking their dogs onboard.

It’s all pretty glam.

The shots range from the overtly-staged…

…To the slightly more demure.

The idea for private jet shoots has been largely inspired by posts from Instagram stars such Gianluca Vacchi, who’s photo below has been liked over 200,000 times.

The images are being used as a tool for building followers and likes on the platform — and they will cost you less than £200.

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