Incredible Aerial Photos Show Moscow's Snowiest Winter In 100 Years

Moscow aeroplane

Photo: Kirill Umrikhin

Russia’s winters are the stuff of legend, inspiring centuries of writers and defeating both Napoleon and Hitler.Amazingly, this year’s winter may be one for the history books, with Russia Today reporting that Moscow’s winter may be the “snowiest” for 100 years.

Late last month Russian blogger and photographer Kirill Umrikhin took posted aerial shots of Moscow to his LiveJournal blog. He has kindly let us republish the photos to give you an idea of what a city of 11.5 million people looks like completely blanketed in snow.

Umrikhin says he was impressed most by the smoke flowing out of chimneys across the city.

A bridge on Krasnoprenensky avenue that houses a restaurant at the top of its arc.

In the distance you can see the business district of the city.

As you can see in the distance, it's a huge, sprawling city.

Here you can see the Moscow ring road, which marks the end of the central city, and also the future home for the soccer team Spartak Moscow.

Here's Ostankino Tower, the 6th tallest free standing structure in the world. It was built as a television and radio tower.

As the plane turned Umrikhin caught the opposite side of Moscow City.

As Umrikhin points out, the air quality around here is not great.

In the bottom left corner you can see one of Moscow's many traffic jams.

The power station, Kashira Power Plant, is coal-powered.

Despite Russia's huge oil and gas reserves, coal is said to still account for around 14% of the country's consumption.


Umrikhin looked back on the city as he headed out into the suburbs.

By now the plane was over the deep, snowy forest outside of Moscow.

This dam on the Moscow River is completely covered in snow.

Umrikhin says this suburb is generally where migrant workers live. The buildings are low-quality, he says.

Another shot of the river, with what appear to be snowmobile tracks.

More traffic. It tends to get worst when it snows.

This photo was taken near Sheremetyevo Airport, the hub for Aeroflot.

The plane lands and the journey is over.

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