H&M just launched a collaboration with Moschino — here are the coolest items you can buy

H&M x Moschino H&M
  • H&M’s latest designer collaboration is with luxury Italian fashion house Moschino.
  • The collection features bold prints, dazzling sequins, and Disney characters.
  • Fans are so desperate to get their hands on items from the collection that some lined up outside stores overnight.

H&M has just dropped its latest desginer collaboration:Moschino x H&M.

The high street stalwart has teamed up with the Italian luxury fashion house to create a bold and dazzling collection which has sent fans into a frenzy.

The range went on sale at 9 a.m. in the UK and will launch in the US at 8 a.m. EST today.

Here are the coolest pieces you can buy from the collection.

Anticipation for the collection had been building for weeks after the brands teased fans by sharing pictures in October.

Dress, £229.99 ($US399) H&M x Moschino

The collection was unveiled on the runway last month, with models such as Bella Hadid showcasing the looks.

Dress, £69.99 ($US99) H&M x Moschino

Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has designed the collection, which is bold, bright, and maximalist.

Dress, £79.99 ($US129) Moschino x H&M

There are lots of sequinned items.

Hoodie dress, £119.99 ($US199); boots, £229.99 ($US349) Moschino x H&M

Denim features prominently.

Denim jacket, £119.99 ($US199); denim top, £39.99 ($US59.99); denim skirt, £59.99 ($US79.99) Moschino x H&M

And there’s LOTS of gold embellishment.

Tracksuit bottoms, £59.99 ($US79.99); cropped top, £79.99 ($US129); belt, £119.99 ($US199). Moschino x H&m

There are men’s items too, which are just as fun as the women’s.

Leather trousers, £229.99 ($US399); bomber jacket, £119.99 ($US199) Moschino x H&M

This sequinned coat is sure to brighten up dreary winter days.

Coat, £229.99 ($US399) Moschino x H&M

Disney enthusiasts are likely to approve of the Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck designs.

Jumper, £49.99 ($US69.99) Moschino x H&M

Your four-legged friends can even get in on the action too.

Padded dog jacket, £59.99 ($US99) Moschino x H&M

With prices ranging from £7.99 ($US12.99) (for a phone case) to £299.99 ($US499), the collection is a lot more affordable than Moschino, whose dresses normally cost upwards of £800 ($US1,050).

Jacket, £119.99 ($US199); trousers, £79.99 ($US119) Moschino x H&M

The collection went on sale at 9 a.m. on November 8 in the UK, and the H&M website has struggled to cope with the number of fans clamouring to get their hands on items.

Faux fur coat, £149.99 ($US299) Moschino x H&M

Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at not being able to purchase anything on the website due to it crashing.

Leather biker jacket, £249.99 ($US499); trousers, £199.99 ($US349) Moschino x H&M

Source: Twitter

Some even camped out overnight so they would be first in line when stores opened.

Earrings, £29.99 ($US49.99); bustier, £119.99 ($US199); faux fur jacket, £149.99 ($US299) Moschino x H&M

Source: Daily Mail

And items are already being sold on ebay for much higher prices.

Baseball dress, £69.99 ($US99) Moschino x H&M

Source: eBay

The collaboration is a limited collection, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to get a piece of the action.

Hoodie, £49.99 ($US69.99); mesh T-shirt, £69.99 ($US99); sequinned trousers, £79.99 ($US119); boots, £149.99 ($US299) Moschino x H&M

“The Moschino x H&M collection is a gift to my fans and I wanted to give them the most Moschino collection ever,” said Scott.

Teddy bear iPhone case, £29.99 ($US49.99); T-shirt, £29.99 ($US29.99); slides, £49.99 ($US79.99); bomber jacket, £119.99 ($US199); trousers, £69.99 ($US99) Moschino x H&M

“I tried to include all the ingredients you would expect from one of my shows — cartoon couture mixed with a street wear vibe doused with hip hop worthy amounts of bling bling to create a totally Moschino look.”

Bra, £24.99 ($US34.99) Moschino x H&M

Shop the whole collection here.