Amazing Con-Artist Mortgage Broker Uses Wigs And Glasses To Disguise Herself As Homeowners To Get Loans

wig disguise

Photo: SBS

A clever British woman who worked for a now-closed mortgage company had a genius way of taking advantage of banks’ shoddy loan practices.She found properties, dressed up in disguises to look like the homeowner, and went to the bank to obtain home loans.

The FT Adviser says she attempted to obtain loans worth £3 million (almost $5 million) “by stealing the identities of home owners.”

The woman, Feruza Mettrick, would rent properties with fake documents and utility bills, then disguise herself as she imagined the real home owner to look.

Then she applied for “significant loans” from various lenders.

The disguises obviously helped — One of her successful ploys involved pretending to be a 67 year old woman. She’s really 33. — but she got away with it because she was clever.

“Mettrick, an AR with a depth of knowledge of mortgage applications, targeted properties, which had no outstanding loans or borrowing against them, through letting agents,” according to the FT Adviser.

With the help of two men, she went to banks and convinced the workers there that she was the owner of the house or property in question, then managed to persuade them to extend cash advances for loan and mortgage payments.

Apparently, at times, Mettrick attempted “to sell off properties without the actual owners being aware of what was happening.”

Eventually, law enforcement caught on.

They found the con artist disguised in a wig and glasses at an RBS branch outside of London.

She was sentenced to five years in jail for her crimes.

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